Friday, February 21, 2020

Sunday Slow Stitching and What's been going on in my corner of the globe.

Time sure does fly I can't believe it's been a month since I made an actual post. It's been a little topsy turvy here at casa Deborah.

Nuisance ailments,  hard to believe I follow a healthy diet and exercise and still seem to get every bug passing through.  Just getting through the strides of daily life seems to have consumed my time lately though  I did manage to do some slow stitching and finished all the stitching on the Celtic Cross piece.
The photo is right after I washed the stitch and wash product off and it dried, it needs to be ironed and then framed.  I am quite happy with the results I did leave off some of the tiny knot work it looked messy even with a single strand of floss. Just a reminder the Celtic Cross is from a free coloring page from Dover Publications.

Progress on the simple granny stitch shawl I am crocheting is coming along quite nicely.  I'm glad I chose the Prism colorway of the Shawl in a Ball yarn from Lion Brand.  My friend refers to it as the Mardi Gras shawl.
I also made crocheting progress on the Shell stitch using another Lion Brand yarn this time Wool Ease cake in the Athena colorway.
My thoughts have been drifting to Spring so I ordered some pastel felt and floss from Benzie Design one of my favorite places to purchase felt because they give you the option of buying the felt and

floss together, they do such a great job matching the DMC floss to the felt.  This is the Pixie Dust color palette.  Benzie Design has a web store here:  and an Etsy shop here:

On the non crafting side of things, my son Nick proposed marriage to his girlfriend, she said yes and are celebrating their engagement with a vacation in Ireland and are having a lovely time so far.   My grand niece Tessa celebrated her 7th birthday last weekend as I said time flies I can believe 7 years have gone by since we were blessed to have her in our lives, my son celebrated his 39th birthday on the 6th, was engaged on the 13th and left for Ireland on the 19th Life is good at Casa Deborah!

UPDATE 2/23/20
I began reading The Jasmine Moon Murder by Laura Childs I was looking for something new to read a light mystery to wile away the hours when  my sore fingers need a break from stitching.
I haven't read a Laura Childs novel in over 10 years so I thought I would give it a try and it has one of my favorite subjects in it, Tea, and I like light cozy mysteries and 3 chapters in and I'm liking it so far. After 3 chapters I decided to audition new floss colors for my next project.

I started the hand embroidery for a new Drum and Dance series piece. I am using DMC Coloris floss 4507 for the sash and the solid floss will be for the clothing.
DMC Coloris 4507 DMC 602 798 959 3808
I started with the hands using just one strand of floss for the fingers and hand so they don't look too bulky I did the same for the feet and toes.

I like the way she is progressing and glad I decided to use only one strand of floss on the hands and feet they look pretty good.  I will be linking up at Kathy's Quilts today for the Slow Sunday Stitching