Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hand Embroidery class and a Greenman #2 update

Last Thursday morning I attended another hand embroidery class at Tomorrow's Treasures quilt shop, the class focused on fill in stitches.
There were 3 of us in attendance, the instructor Dee Ann once again was a wealth of knowledge. The above photo shows a few of my practice stitches.  I was attempting to put a curve on the chain stitch and the second attempt in the lighter shade worked well.  The heart is long short stitches which need work, I haven't done those stitches in years.

The basket of pansies is the pattern I chose to make for class but was so engrossed in working the stitches I didn't have time to work on it, those three hours went by quickly so I will work it on my own, I like to have a few projects going at once especially when I work on something using all the same colorway, like the Greenman.

The Greenman #2 hand embroidery piece is completely stitched and the corners came out quite nicely despite the fact I drew them much to close to the edge to use a hoop, which by the way I do like to stitch some pieces with a hoop.

I want to add borders around the block to keep it from fraying, then I should have a better idea what to do next.

In the last week or so I have been shopping for a few new hand embrodiery supplies, the small Q-snap frame for the small pieces I tend to make, I like the thin hoops too I have a 5 inch so I bought
the 7 inch hoop and there is a 3 inch hoop coming with my 123 Stitch order I just placed last week. I needed 3 Weeks Dye works colors that haven't been in stock at the cross stitch shop for months and I don't want to wait any longer.

I bought severl skeins of DMC linen floss, I love the look of linen threads a few of  the colors will work nicely with the neutral fabrics I bought a while ago.
DMC Linen Floss 
DMC Linen Floss
The second batch of linen floss was with this Crab-apple Hill pattern I scored at a thrift sop recently, I plan to use the Weeks Dye Works floss the pattern calls for but I can assure you the linen floss will be put to good use on anothr project.
When I'm not stitching either because my fingers need to heal, I'm between projects or just for the heck of it,  I'll be reading a light mystery series by Amanda Lee, beginning with the first book in this Embroidery Mystery series:

Monday, May 18, 2015

May New Moon Tusal Report

Time flies by so quickly, it seems like only yesterday I was posting the April Orts report and here I am posting May's Ort report.

May orts
I have to say taking part in the Totally Useless Stitch Along aka TUSAL has motivated me to stitch a variety or projects and it has fed my thread obsession, just a bit.

Here is what I have been working on since my last Ort Report,
greenman #2
The Greenman #2 hand embroidery piece is stitched and I have one more corner Celtic knot to finish.
I have to say stitching this piece has been a labor of love and the photo does not capture how truly beautiful it is.
Just off my crochet hook is a second amulet bag this one in green. I used the same pattern as the blue

one I made, same weight crochet thread and same steel hook size 6 yet there is a slight difference in
the size which I attribute to the stitches on the blue being loose which often happens when I work a pattern for the first time, more so when I use such a tiny hook and thread, stitching the green bag I was much more comfortable with the hook and thread.

One thing I should have done was crochet the second bag in any color but green, after weeks of stitching the greenman I wanted a break from the color green, which I will get when I begin some of the new pattens I bought.

A few new patterns arrived in the mail last week which I should be posting ort reports on in the next few months, two are from one of my favorite design studios, Crab-apple Hill.
poppy project bag
sunflower stitchery folder
And two patterns from Bird Brain Designs, I made sure to purchase the floss kits and perle cotton balls along with the patterns to save time hunting down the colors I need.

 My growing obsession for Crab-apple Hill patterns began with Hocuspocusville which I plan to have on my light box this week. I would love to make 2 of each block, one in all black as shown on the
pattern, and one in bright colors, this will depend on the time it takes to trace each pattern so I may only do one set for now, when I purchased the pattern a few years ago I also bought the fabric and the floss so I am all set to stitch once I get the patterns traced onto the fabric.  I plan to trace all the patterns first then start stitching, and I'm planning a Greenman #3.

If everything goes as schedule this week on Thursday I will attend another hand embroidry class which will focus on fill-in stitches. I may use one of the motifs from this pattern set.

Well that's my TUSAL report for May, not sure what an ort report is all about click on the link to Daffy Cat's blog and read all about it.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Greenman is finished now onto the Celtic knots

I put the last stitches into the Greenman #2 piece today overall I am happy with the piece so now its
on to the four Celtic knots in the corners, then a little break from green embroidery thread for a while
and a new project.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Books and Butterflies

This is what I am reading this week:
I just started The Storied Life of A.J.Fikry and I'm hooked, this book and The Snow Child are books mentioned to my by a friend and I thought I would give them a shot. Both are by authors I haven't read before so I can add to my growing list of new authors to read. New as in I haven't read any thing by them before.

Butterfly populations have been decreasing due to habitat loss, climate change and pesticide use. And here's one thing we can do to help Place a plate of overripe fruit outside because decaying fruits have carbohydrates and minerals that most butterflies need.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Shopping savings at Joann's.

I love to shop for basic crafting supplies at Joann's Fabric and Crafts, they always have great sales and lots of coupons either with the mail in flyer, email or just logging on the the website.

Today I took advantage of the 60% off coupon and purchased a coveted pair of Gingher gold handled scissors to replace a pair stolen from me during a class a few years ago.
These lovely well made scissors sell retail at most stores for $49.99 and today I got them for a mere $19.99 using the 60% off code when I logged onto the Joann's website, our local store was out of them, I think the scissors and Ott lights are the first items to sell out; if you have ever cut fabric with these scissors you know this is a wonderful bargain.

The other item I bought with my 60% off coupon that came in the sale flyer is the set of 25 Kreinik silk threads for embroidery. I love using silk threads for some projects and my supply is getting low.
This set retails for $39.99 with the 60% off coupon I paid $15.99,  I also had a coupon for free shipping.
I love when the things I need/want are on sale or have a coupon and Joann's always has a good coupon or two.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Happy May Day!

Oh yes it's May Day and my youngest sister's birthday and the two month count down until I turn 60.

How did I spend this glorious perfect first day of May?

Climbing down the 232 steps of the Devil's Millhopper SinkHole
First few steps
Thats a lot of steps
getting closer to the bottom
despite being 120 ft in the groun its quite sunny
water looks murky
Trees, trees, trees
a rest before the climb out
getting closer to the top
made it out now for the half mile trail
If you want to know more about the Devil's Millhopper here's a link