Monday, October 17, 2016

Block number 10 is moving along

My progress so far on block 10 for the Hocuspocusville quilt. This block is moving along quite nicely, after the photo was taken I was still working on it and the roof is completely done.

I did take the time out to hand embroider the 12 small blocks for the Christmas Tree Skirt for the class I am taking at the local quilt shop which reminds me the second class meets on Wednesday afternoon so I need to cut the fabric and batting pieces for the Hexagon blocks.
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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Slow Stitching on a Sunny Sunday

There is nothing like the sunshine after a storm, and today we have bright blue skies and plenty of sunshine.  Hurricane Matthew blew through here on Friday and while the storm was wrecking havoc on the coastline here in Ocala we were very lucky.

I managed to run a few morning errands before the worst of the winds came blowing through and by dinner time it was clear enough to take my daily walk at a local park with a blustery breeze and light drizzle it was invigorating.

I was able to finish the last 6 hexie hand embroidery pieces for the Christmas Tree Skirt while the rain was pelting the windows.

Here is a close up of some of the blocks I put my own spin on I added spirals to the center of the stars
and stars to the gift box. In the above photo the first gift box is also my own while the 3rd one is done in the book as is the last star hexie block, though I used less lazy daisy stitches.
Here is a look at all 12 hexie blocks with the hand embroidery completed, the lines around the motifs are guidelines for the needle turn applique.
After the hexie blocks were done I picked up block 10 of the Hocuspocusville Quilt stitching the items on the clothesline,  I can not believe how long it took to stitch the articles on the clothesline but they are all so cute. I plan to finish stitching the tree today.
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Friday, October 7, 2016

Hurricane Matthew is bringing the wind and rain

The video taking off my front house, I figure we will lose a few more bunches of mistletoe off the tree and a few more twigs, I moved a few this morning.

The rain isn't too bad here the wind is picking up by the hour so I went to the post office to drop off packages to keep my customers happy and picked up the new Wonder Woman stamps, today is the first day release.

And while I was at the post office I grabbed some Jack-o-lantern stamps too!  I just love them.
If you are in the path of Hurricane Matthew stay safe and stay dry.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

First Slow Sunday Stitching for October

A new month has begun and the first slow Sunday stitching for October is upon us.  New projects have pushed older projects back a little bit but not totally forgotten.  I love October the weather here in my area of Florida begins to change just enough to take notice.  The mornings are cooler which makes pulling weeds and other outdoor tasks much more enjoyable so I spend more time in the morning outside.  Nightfall comes earlier each evening which makes more time to settle down with needle in hand to stitch the night away.

We have the stirrings of hurricane Matthew in the air which means sticky, humid days with lots of rain which in turn keeps me off the road and happily stitching away on one project or another and reading when the fingers are too sore to pull the needle through one more stitch.

Here is my progress so far on the hand embroidered hexie blocks for the Christmas tree skirt class I'm taking. These are the six word piecesI have embroidered so far.
six words done
I'm midway through the other six hexie blocks and I am putting a personal touch to them by changing the motifs a little. The original design in Gail Pan's book Christmas Patchwork Loves Embroidery is a lovely pattern. Here are the blocks from the book we are to make 3 stars and 3 gift blocks I plan to change the little designs on the gift and star blocks.

I just want to pesonalize the blocks maybe add a few beads or metallic thread, I have a few ideas and I always did march to a different drummer.  I will be linking up today at Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching

As I mentioned early in my post some older projects have been pushed aside, but not forgotten, the hand emboridery on block 10 is coming along in fact I had to pull my needle aside to snap this photo
block 10
I will work on this later in the afternoon, by the way this is the block that made me decide to buy the pattern to make the Hocuspocusville Quilt.  While searching patterns by Crab Applehill studios this one block came up the most when viewing images. I just loved the clothesline, the steaming cauldron, the cat and all those items hanging on the line to dry.  It was such a whimsical block I had to have it. I will link up Monday at Supermom No Cape

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Last Slow Sunday Stiching for September

I have made some progress on the hand embroidery for Hocuspocusville Quilt block 10.
block 10 started
On Wednesday the 21st I attended the first Hand Embroidery class at Tomorrow' Treasures quilt shop we are making the Christmas Tree Skirt from Gail Pan's book Christmas Patchwork Loves Embroidery. I believe there are 12 of us in the class and we will meet on the third Wednesdays in October and November.
 These are the hand embroidery blocks for the tree skirt, we traced them onto fabric in class or at home. Some of my traced pieces waiting to be hand embroidered.
tree skirt blocks
hope and love
joy and merry
I will work on the the tree skirt blocks today, there are 12 small blocks to be hand embroidered, lots of letters.
These are the fabrics I chose for the tree skirt. and two back up fabrics just in case, I have been known to change my mind, there are a few other projects in the book I want to make so I can use them.
tree skirt fabric
back up fabric
I bought this sweet little pattern of the phases of the moon from Etsy, the shop is Cozy Blue a sweet little shop with patterns and kits available with a nice selection of original patterns. Here's the link
kit contents
I had the echocardiogram on Tuesday and will have the results at my next appointment in October unless something irregular shows up when the cardiologist reads the results. This is routine since I have been experience quite a few bouts of shortness of breath and being a heart attack patient I suppose the doctor has to cover all bases. I don't worry since the morning of the day I had my heart attack I had a complete physical including an EKG and everything was fine then 12 hours later I had the heart attack. I find these test more a nuisance and an unnecessary expense, but what do I know. On the up side my blood pressure hasn't done its spiking thing in a long while.

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Another Slow Sunday and block Nine is done

The mid point of September had me completing the final hand embroidery stitches in block 9 so I am putting together a few new projects to work on along with the Hocuspocusville Quilt block 10. I like to take a break from all the black thread with a project or two.
block 9 complete
The first project will be in the form of a class held at Tomorrow's Treasures quilt shop here in Ocala, the Christmas Tree Skirt from Gail Pan's book Christmas Patchwork Loves Embroidery will be the class project. 

I had purchased the book a few weeks ago when I was attending a Hand Embroidery Club meeting and DeeAnn, who will teach the class, was working on the project in the book. The first class is on Wednesday September 21st, and will meet on the third Wednesday in October and November. The Hand Embroidery Club meets the first Wednesdays of the month which will give ample time to work on the embroidery pieces. Here is a link to the website for the shop in Ocala and the Crystal River shop:

I also have a pattern from Urban Threads I plan to work on over the next few weeks, the Goddess is printed onto washable stabilizer so I didn't have to trace the pattern. 
goddess pattern from Urban Threads
I chose a pale blue fabric with white snowflakes since I'm planning to make her a winter goddess. I am currently sorting through my embroidery floss for the colors I want to use, I'd like to add some beading and metallic thread to this piece.  Here is a link for Urban Threads if you hand embroider or machine embroider there are some great contemporary patterns available for purchase.
blue fabric white snowflakes
Here is a look at block 10 before I begin the hand embroidery, its another of my favorite blocks I just love the clothesline and the cat.
block 10
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