Friday, October 11, 2019

October is Flying By

It's been a while since I made a blog post I've been nursing the bad knee, just when I think I'm getting better at using the cane my toe hits the tip and all balance is just about lost. I know I need to go back to the Orthopedic Center for the MRI to find the problem, I am waiting on the doctor's office to set up the appointment. In the meantime I now feel the knee cap move when I walk not all the time its like it slips out of place and the leg wants to buckle and the pain keeps me standing.  When the knee pops back into place so to speak I'm fine.

So while I haven't been 100% I do have good days when I can get things done as long as I am using the cane.  I bought a few plants recently, rosemary and lavender and a yellow hibiscus.

The lavender is a personal challenge because I have not been able to grow it in Florida I've tried in the Spring and Summer I'm sure because of the heat and humidity so I decided to try it in the Fall so it has time to establish itself through the winter months, I know it does grow here several people I know have it so I am trying it again.
lavender pot 1
lavender pot 2
The rosemary looks a bit straggly I am hoping the larger pots will be helpful, I always have rosemary in my garden.
rosemary pot 1

rosemary cauldron
I forgot to take a photo of the yellow hibiscus when the flower was open and looking like a little bit of sunshine.
I transplanted the hibiscus into a large planter which shouldn't need to be transplanted until Spring, the rosemary and lavender will probably be potted again in December, though I may plant one of the rosemary and lavender plant in the ground at that point.  It really is hard to say as I am not very steady on my feet and the cane gets in the way.  It took me nearly 3 hours to get everything potted last Sunday morning, the weather was wonderful and the wind chimes were tinkling and the birds were singing the entire time so I may have just slowed down to enjoy the atmosphere.

I haven't done any type of stitching in the last week or so I just haven't wanted to pick up the needle or a hook. I had several books on reserve come in at the library so I did get some reading in.

I finished the Janet Evanovich and Joan Anderson books, midway through Into the Wild and just started Autumn Alibi yesterday.  I am just about caught up on my letter writing and plan to start stitching this weekend.  The mornings here in Florida are much cooler this week and little bits of autumn show here and there.  These trees are usually green Spring and Summer then in the fall they turn yellow and then red.
turning yellow
turning red
a little yellow a bit of red and a chicken
The photos are not that great I snapped the pictures while waiting for a chicken to cross the road, you can just about see it in the bottom of the above photo, there is a brown one running near the tree however  not clear in the photo.

Sunday and Slow Stitching

My mood changed on Saturday afternoon and I had the desire to work on some hand embroidery again so I pulled out the Greenman to do some slow stitching which I will continue to work on today.
I did the eyes, the leaf over the nose and those thin leaves below the eyes, I have moved the hoop since the photo was taken and will work on the other side to finish the thin leaves.  I am linking up to Kathy Quilts today here is the link to check out what other bloggers are slow stitching today

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

I'm Still Here

Yes I'm still here not doing much stitching right now just a bit more on the greenman, after losing July and August to my knee and the nasty viral infection I finally have some energy and have been unpacking the rest of my boxes from my move.

It is frustrating to say the least not getting things done when you want when illness strikes even a nuisance illness like bronchitis, viral infections etc. They just knock you out.  I am happy to say I am just about through unpacking boxes and happier to say I have 4 more bags of clothing to donate and I loaded them in my car first thing this morning.  One bag is full of shoes that are practically new I just can't wear them now with my knee being so unpredictable I never know when it will act up so shoes with a heel even a low heel make me feel unsteady when I wear them.  I'm sure someone will get good use from them.  I'm using my can again for balance and support I just don't trust my leg not to go out from under me.  Yesterday I was shopping and left my cane in the car feeling quite steady then just when I was getting ready to leave that horrible feeling of someone sweeping my leg (martial arts term) from behind came, lucky I was hanging onto the shopping cart or down I would have gone. 

On Monday I attended an essential oils class where we made Autumn blends of oils for the make and take projects.
I made a room spray and the mason jar with pine cones and felt leaves to drop the oil onto, the aroma is quite pleasant I chose the Spiced Cider recipe which is:
4 drops of Orange oil
3 drops of Ginger
3 drops of Cinnamon
That little brown bottle above is the Spiced Cider blend, this photo is the mason jar up close, I had to rearrange the pine cones after the drive home, the jar kept rolling back and forth on the seat.
Before I forget I have to post this beautiful orange that fell from my tree yesterday morning, it is the
only ripened fruit so far and oddly enough not a grapefruit which is what was hanging on the tree when I first moved in late May, and I confirmed when it fell to the ground. So either someone grafted and orange and grapefruit tree together or it was purchased that way, I have seen multi citrus trees for sale in several nurseries.
Either way time will tell in a few weeks, the fruits are still mostly green but have filled out and no longer resemble limes.
I cut the orange in half and left it out for the butterflies and other creatures to enjoy.  It smelled wonderful.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Hello September and some Slow Sunday Stitching

Well August is gone and hopefully this nasty bug I have been down with will finally run out of steam, not only were both my eyes infected for a week which meant no stitching, reading or crocheting, after they cleared both my ears became infected and the fever just didn't want to break.

My eyes cleared a few days ago and you know the first thing I did was pick up needle and thread and put in some stitches on the Greenman piece.
Not much was stitched just the leaves on both sides of the mouth but it was nice to pick up my work and get in a few stitches. 

I have a few patterns I want to get traced onto fabric so I can start stitching them, the first one is a Liberty Rose design which I would love to complete before Fall begins.
I think a sweet little wall hanging using some of these fabrics for backing and border.  I want to make a few fabric pumpkins with this fabric too.
Maybe one of these fabrics below for the border, I guess I'll know more once I get the piece stitched.

The other pattern I want to trace to start stitching is the Kathy Schmitz pattern Still of the Night
And this Liberty Rose sweet little gingerbread man pattern I need to find just the right fabric to get the bowl fillers started.
I am linking my post over at Kathy's Quilts today:

The San Francisco School of Needlework and Design has another stitch at home challenge coming up it's the Fall Stitch-at-Home challenge, theme will be "Healing & Reflection".  Unfortunately with my move, the problem my knee and then this nasty bug I wasn't able to get a piece ready to take part in the last challenge,Talismans, I do plan to have a design ready in the next week or so, deadline in January 15.  Here is the link

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Is it really August and Slow Sunday Stitching

Well another page on the calendar has been turned I can't believe we are in August, I guess with the move and packing, being laid up with my knee and now a dreaded summer cold I was bound not to notice as the days passed by, before long the kids here in Florida go back to school.

After the cortisone shot to the knee I am getting around much better and relatively pain free, I am still a bit off balance so I keep the cane nearby.  The knee still starts to buckle but I have been lucky enough to catch it.

I finished the embroidery on the Flower of Life piece, washed off the stitch and wash away product  and thrilled to see the rainbow threads didn't run; I was concerned because I'd read several comments about the Threadworx floss not always being colorfast.
The above photo is before I washed off the product, the photo below is after washing, it's wrinkled but I am too lazy to drag out the ironing board.
It's been a long summer with July being quite hot and wet, this is the time of year I start yearning for autumn to arrive but this year I'm ready to skip it and go right to winter.  Our weather doesn't start to cool off until late October and by cool off I mean temperatures in the upper 70's.  So I think it may be time to start some autumn stitching.  I have several patterns to choose from in my pattern collection and a few days ago my friend sent me these cute patterns both from Bird Brain Designs

These cute wonky pumpkins for the Fall and the Snowmen for Winter, though I guess those are Jackolanterns  so maybe get them done for Halloween.  

I recently signed up to do the Kathy Schmitz Garden Sampler Follow along on YouTube.  
I signed up through her Facebook Page here   I love her designs and have several of her patterns and books.  
While unpacking and reorganizing my fabric bins I came across a nifty fabric panel from a few years ago.

If my memory is correct I bought it to possibly use with some Old World Santa's of the Month stitcheries I bought a few years ago though I haven't  come across them yet.  Well that's all the news for now on my stitching and I will be posting at Kathy's Quilts for the first August Slow Sunday Stitching right here:

On another note I am half way through The Summer of '69 and enjoying it more than I thought I would.  I love when I am surprised by a book.
I finished Steeped in Murder a few days ago when my cold got the best of me and I didn't have the energy to stitch.  It was a fun light read though I am not sure I will continue on with the series, this is the first book in the series.  
I had some time to get some letter writing done yesterday with the move I fell behind on my replies so it's nice to have the time to sip some tea and write a few letters.  And yesterday I heard from a friend I hadn't spoken too in over 20 years and just like that we talked like no time had passed between us. 

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Slow Sunday Stitching and Pain Relief

Things are looking up after my visit to the Orthopedic Institute on Friday and a cortisone shot into my left knee, which was too bad until the doctor hit the sweet spot and wow did I see stars but more importantly I could feel all the spots in my legs that were effected by the knee pain. Before the injection the doctor stated the shot may not work or it will work and can last up to 6 months or just a week, also I can only get 3 of the shots in the same knee in one calendar year. I am moving about much better , I do feel soreness where the injection took place but for the most part I am walking without use of the cane but do keep it nearby in case I feel off balance.

I did get more unpacking done yesterday five boxes down I can move about steadily and filled 3 shelves of my linen closet and two bags for donations, I am making it a point to give up at least two items per box and anything I haven't used in the last year (or since my last move in 2011).  I bought a new bed last year it has one of those real thick mattress, the old sheet sets don't fit so those were the first things to go when I unpacked the boxes.  Oh my goodness don't even get me started on towels, I will say half of what I have are in the donation box.

The weather here has been quite rainy most of the week with the stalling of a storm front hanging over Florida for most of the week with temps dropping into the mid 80's for a few days, I managed to squeeze in a trip to the library mid week to pick up a book I had reserved. 

 I spent some time reading when I couldn't sit comfortably from the pain in my leg, after the cortisone shot sitting wasn't a problem so I picked up my hand embroidery and stitched till my fingers ached.
I made good progress and I really like the choice of the rainbow floss for the background flower of life motif.
I moved my hoop to the bottom portion this morning and stitched a bit while I enjoyed my coffee outside listening to the birds and the quiet. I plan to get more stitching done today for Slow Sunday Stitching, for now I'll post this over at Kathy's Quilts why not click the link and have look at what other bloggers are slow stitching.