Sunday, June 23, 2019

Still Up to my Knees in Boxes

Still in the process of moving,  mostly unpacking boxes which seem endless, this week we will be moving the contents of the garage and a few things in the house that didn't make it on the last truck load which translates to stuff I am most likely donating but have to be sure I don't want it. 

Luckily there are several spaces in the house to use for drop spots which makes a mess but allows for all the stuff to be sorted and moved to designated rooms, closets etc.  I'm happy to say that just about every box I open more items are removed to the donate boxes, which is great since many things were designated to donation boxes while I was packing. 

I haven't had a moment to stitch, read or any other activity, after moving stuff during the day my body is so tired I barely have the energy to eat before I fall to sleep.  Once all the stuff is moved from the old place I will carve out some time for myself and unpack and a less hectic pace. 

Sunday, June 2, 2019

A little garden tour

This is the pond that almost was and part of a slate stone patio, when we first looked at the house I
was certain there was a plastic pond liner basin resting upon the two branches waiting to be installed
and it was there another time when we went back to take a closer look when it was raining, it was still there, I didn't think to snap a photo.
however the day of the closing when we did the walk through it was gone, my son doesn't recall seeing there but I was certain it was sort of kidney shaped.
So for now I am considering finishing the pond of filling it in, for now though it will have to wait till after I'm moved in, I do know I want to paint that big round rock perhaps with a big sun face.
The area where the pond is located is very shady spot with dappled sunlight, the beginnings of a serene garden area was in the making, this area below is to the back corner of the garden and has been cleared.
There is I think a pear tree in yard though I don't know how well it will do considering all the shade.
And either lime trees or very neglected grapefruit trees or both which should be an easy fix with proper fertilizer
Well those are a few photos of the garden on one side of the house, this week the real moving in begins when the furniture starts getting loaded onto the truck.  Today though I have a few little projects to do with the assist of my brother in law and then hope time to stitch.

Adventures in Moving

Yesterday the appliance were delivered after a 30 minute delay and just in time for the afternoon rain, silly me remember to measure all the spaces where the appliances were to be placed but I forgot to measure the opening to the front door, so the refrigerator doors had to be removed before bringing it in. 
The stove followed after and was easy move as were the dryer and the freezer, my current dryer is a gas dryer an old Kenmore possible original to the house so replacing it was necessary.  I went with a smooth top stove for one main reason the coil  get so warped and wobbly after a time which drives me crazy.
I spent most of the day Saturday at the new house cleaning even though the house was quite clean I always have to put my own cleaning touches in each room, whether is was wiping counter tops, and dusting out the cabinets, sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor or scouring the tub and toilets, I just feel they are cleaned to my standards. 
The first thing I did though was hang a clock and calendar, yes the calendar is crooked which is a strange quirk I have had since hanging my first calendar when I set up my first home straight out of high school.

Early evening had me picking up a few things at the store, outside trashcan, curtain rods, some bottled water, hurricane season began yesterday, I dropped then off at the house.

So funny story, I was back at the house checking to be sure the new fridge was getting cold (it is) and decided to take a real look at the back yard so I'm looking and I see a body of a cat or a dog and all I can think is oh gosh I got to call animal control to remove a dead animal and I haven't even moved in yet then I started walking on the other side of the pond that was area and tried to see if it was dog or cat and its a cat alive and well and looking quite indignant because I disturbed her sleep. Oh the adventures in moving!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Some Stitching, New Buttons and Two New Challenge Projects

Tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. we have the house closing, it was moved up two days early so I have been busy getting my ducks in a row and looking for kitchen appliances and found them on sale until early June.
We had a long hot weekend, yesterday evening we did get some much needed rain which I listened to while I did some stitching to unwind after a busy day.  I put aside the Celtic Cross for now I'm just working on some less detailed pieces when I have some downtime.
This is a new piece for the drum and dance series I am doing.  A while back I purchased several crystal grids this one is the Flower of Life grid. Then simply added the drumming woman on top of the grid scanned it and printed it onto Stick and Wash product.  The photo is a bit blurry.

On Saturday the Theodora Cleave buttons I ordered arrived, I just love them and can't wait to be moved so I can get on with some projects I have in mind.
The designer Barb Smith creates such wonderful buttons, about 10 years ago I came across her hand embroidery patterns back then as The Woodcutter's Daughter, I still have the patterns and once I move I plan to stitch some up.  Here is a closer look and the large button, I guess I should have taken them out of the package before snapping the picture.
These are the other two buttons
The buttons can be found here

There are two Needlework Projects I am taking part in over the next few weeks I thought I would share the website info if you are looking for some interesting needlework projects too.

The San Francisco School of Needlework and Design's newest stitch at home challenge is underway, the theme is Talismans here is a link for information:

The deadline to submit is August 15, 2019  which gives me plenty of time after I move to make the deadline, I have drafted a few designs now I just need to get moved so I can begin working on it.

There is also an interesting on-going project by Paula MacGregor called Dangerous Pockets Project which I'll be taking part in, though it's been put aside for a bit while I move. For information check out the link here:

And the Facebook pages can be found here:

Paula MacGregor idea for the project was inspired by the Sharon Owens poem Dangerous Coats.

DANGEROUS COATS    by Sharon Owens

Someone clever once said
Women were not allowed pockets
In case they carried leaflets
To spread sedition
Which means unrest
To you & me
A grandiose word
For commonsense
So ladies, start sewing
Dangerous coats
Made of pockets & sedition

These 18th century pockets could hold many a secret bits as well as leaflets I wonder if this is the type of pocket Sharon Owens thought of when she penned the poem.

To take a look at the size of the 18th century style pockets follow the link to Jenny LaFleur's designs

Anyway you can view the various types of pockets participants are making on the Dangerous Pockets Project website and Facebook page at the links above.  I first read about it Sunday in the current issue of Be Creative Workbox magazine

Perhaps I will make something similar to the little pocket purses I made a few years ago using an old pockets from worn out jean.  I have several pockets from clothing found at thrift stores or have worn out, I usually cut off  the pockets and buttons and a square ot two of the fabric if not too worn out or stained. 
Though I like the idea of making a pocket from fabrics in my stash that have been waiting for just the right project.  All will be revealed once I am moved and the project is underway.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Quick post

Good Morning all with my impending move approaching my posting will be quite sporadic over the next few weeks, the house closing is on the 31st of this month, most of June will have me moving from one home to unpacking and setting up house in the other. Right now for me I am purging my closets and cabinets donating stuff I no longer use, and combing my bookshelves for more books I have read or no longer have an interest in reading.

My hand embroidery and crochet projects have been put aside for now though I'm sure there will be moments when I just need to stitch I have a small travel case set up for just such needs, more than likely it will be small stitching pieces or practicing stitches I still wobble. 

Have a great day!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Slow Slow Stitching

It seems the days are moving by at a snails pace now that I am awaiting the closing of the house on the 31st.  Everyday that passes and I don't need to sign another form or write another check is a good day where I feel I can breathe a little easier.  I am a waiting for the other shoe to drop kind of person and I really detest last minute messes so at the end of each day of sorting this and that, and organizing to pack up the house I take time to pick up my stitching or crocheting.

 If I am feeling a bit to tense to make those embroidery stitches I crochet, then after pulling out a row and a half of crochet the other day I just pulled a book off the shelf and started to read.  Here is where I left off on the Celtic Cross I am currently stitching excuse the photo for some reason my phone picked up an orange tone which I lightened a bit.
I am currently working the lines inside the cross just about finished when my fingers begged me to stop for the evening.   I will be linking to Kathy's Quilts
While I was sorting through fabric bins and other places I came across some fabric I purchased a while back I think I will use some for one of my Greenman pieces, I both love and hate when I find fabric I forgot about.  Once I move I need to figure out a better way to store my fabric bins and stop buying fabric just because I like the print, or have an idea for it.  The truth may be if I don't buy it when I see it most likely it will be gone when I decide to buy it. I say so what, there will always be one more fabric print I like and one more idea I have.  I don't want any more than the 3 fabric bins I have now for quilt fabrics plus one smaller bin that holds all the fabric I use for embroidery. 

I know I won't live long enough to use all the fabric in those three bins so why add more.  Believe me when I say those bins can still hold more fabric.  I am considering donating of some fabrics especially the pieces I bought to make baby quilts or thought would be cute baby quilts then found something I liked even better or I just thought the fabric was too cute to pass up, I don't have a photo at the moment but two come to mind, the fabric with the cutest Owls and the bright green and yellow Bees, and Frogs my son and his girlfriend at the time picked out with my on my birthday which was about 18 years ago.

Oh yes sorting and purging has its perks before a move just yesterday I donated 2 coffee bean grinders, 2 sets of dishes, one standing mixer, one blender, 2 electric knives still in the boxes.  All stuff I haven't used since I moved here in 2011.  In fairness I have to say, I don't much so the standing mixer went, I have a perfectly good hand mixer.  The blender was replaced by the monster Ninja blender, I barely use.  Funny I thought I donated the blender when I got the Ninja.  The coffee bean grinders were in a high cabinet one was used to grind my own spices and herb blends which I haven't done in a few years. 
The electric knives were in the garage give away box both were gifts. I never got the hang of using one that I bought and just now remembered its in the other high cabinet. Slapping hand to forehead and uttering oh boy!  The new house has less cabinets in the kitchen so all the extra tea and coffee cups, the odd saucer or plate have to go. This is the best and worst part of the actual move getting rid of stuff cause you know 6 months from the time you toss it you will spend time looking for it. Cause you know you had one and it's just a senior moment of forgetfulness of where it went.  And on that note I will end my post today. Wishing everyone a wonderful day of slow stitching.