Friday, July 18, 2014

Home again

Well here we are past the mid point for the month of July time really does fly these days and time away is always a refreshing change especially when the time is spent catching up with long time old friends, however, there is nothing quite like being back at home.

After my morning walk I fixed myself a nutritious breakfast using the nifty Birds Eye frozen southwest blend vegetables I came across a few weeks back when I saw these I thought to myself these would taste great stirred into some eggs.

I wasn't wrong the flavor was excellent, just the right blend of peppers, onions, black beans and corn, to which I added a few pieces of bacon and cooked in real butter. Best omelet I ate in a long time.
While away I came across a new limited edition English muffin, by Thomas' this time in apple pie flavor, very yummy, I made sure to look for them this morning while I was shopping for groceries.
I must admit to you my friends and I went through several packages of them during the week they are that good. 

One of my friends gave me this lovely coffee mug for my birthday along with a few packets of organic coffee, this morning I made the Scotch blend.
Bluebird by Enesco
there is also Celtic sunrise, Norselander Grog and Scandinavian blend which I can't wait to try. The company as makes toffee and caramels which were inside the coffee mug but my friends and I made them disappear.

While running my errands yesterday morning I picked up a some books from the library that were waiting for me.
book 2
Last month I began reading the Mitford series by Jan Karon, I enjoyed the first book in this series, I wanted some thing different from my usual mysteries, thrillers and spy adventure novels, this book is definitely far from the books I usually read, I started the second book last night and so far I am not disappointed.
I have been waiting for The Hundred-Foot Journey for several weeks and it was finally waiting for me today, someone told me its soon to be released as a movie, well if you know me I always prefer to read the book.

Well I have a few letters to write and weeds in the garden to tackle once the sun goes down so let me get this posted.

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