Saturday, September 27, 2014

Walking the Trail

This morning my walk in the park was filled with a eerie mist much like in the photo above, granted the leaves weren't strewn across the path nor were they the rich colors of Autumn, but the foggy mist hanging low on the ground shrouded the dull gray green Spanish moss hanging off the trees.

I love walking on misty foggy days it adds to the quiet allowing me to still my thoughts to a near meditative state, however this morning it wasn't the case, the park trail and the park itself was abuzz with energy of morning walkers and several teams of youngsters gearing up for a morning of football, cheerleaders and all.  It wasn't too long before I abandoned my thoughts no longer noticing the mist and began the casual good morning greeting to each person passing by. I had forgotten how busy the park is early Saturday mornings once football season begins, though usually the walking trail is quite deserted so it was nice to see more people taking an active interest in exercise.

We have had two weeks of overcast skies which has made for cooler morning temps, yesterday there was a crisp cool breeze while I walked so I took advantage of the nice weather and added an extra half hour to my walk then headed to the Farmer's Market.

Walking for me is always a good start to the morning now I am off to join friends for tea and a little crochet.

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  1. Walking in the mist without anyone around seems so nice. Not something that happens around here.