Saturday, August 29, 2015

Yesterday was a beach day

Spent yesterday walking a few beach areas in St. Augustine and the surrounding area, the weather was just lovely, clear blue skies and a nice breeze coming in off the ocean. I spent about three hours walking the beaches, picking up a shell or two along the way.

little cave
beautiful blue sky
Love these rocks 
gifts from the sea
This photo is of someone's home well hidden behind green vegetation and a strong fence, I think I want to live in a little castle too. Okay so after I posted the bit about the castle I did a goodle search to learn more about the artistic fence and what do you know there are a few photos of the castle, I was so disappointed to find out its not a house. But its lovely to look at and now I have the potential to see inside.

Update Correction: This is Castle Otis Yeah take a look, too bad it wasn't someone's house, either way its lovely.  My thanks to Jackie and Teri for letting me know.
There were other houses all around but this just caught my eye, I would love to have seen the entire building, instead I let my imagination take over.
The beaches at the northern end of St. Augustine were practically deserted which was fine with  me I love walking the beach when its just me and the sea.
sand, surf blue skies and fluffy clouds
A glimpse of the Castillo de San Marcos from the car
 This fence made the entire trip worth the few hours sitting in the car. I always find interesting things to photograph while waiting for the traffic light to change.
Lovely Art
Fence Joy
After leaving St. Augustine I headed for Flager beach and spent an hour or so walking the beach here too.


  1. Thanks for these beautiful photos of my hometown! That looks like the best day ever. That isn't someone's home, btw, it's a castle and where we were married nearly 20 years ago. . I own you a letter and will try to get one out to you soon.

    1. Glad you liked the photos, I though about you yesterday while I was visiting. sadly enough I found out it was Castle Otis and not a home, wow what a wonderful venue for a wedding. Besides the beaches I love the darn fence.