Monday, October 12, 2015

October Ort Report

Wow! Are we really 12 days into October?  This month is flying by so quickly I feel like my head is spinning.

I've been getting some hand embroidery stitching in when I can, made some progress on a few projects thanks in part to my participation in the 2015 TUSAL, not sure what that is well click on the link and see for yourself

Here are my Orts for the October 2015 New Moon, you will see some browns, red and greens among
the black threads. I finished the second block to the Hocuspocusville Quilt, I'll be starting the third
Block 2 Hester's U-Pick
block shortly I needed a break from all the black thread and those tiny letters which seen to go on forever.
I did get in some stitching on my Holly King piece, the pine cones look a bit wonky right now but once the holly and mistletoe leaves are stitched they should look fine.
Holly King
I noticed when I'm working on an embroidery piece some days I get into such a state of calm and quiet my needle seems to flow through the fabric without me even noticing I've made so many stitches until I come to the end of the thread.

My ort jar is filling up nicely with only two more ort reports for the year I hope to achieve a full jar this year.
October 2015
My busy season is coming up and if its anything like last year for most of November and December I won't get in much, if any stitching progress made.


  1. outstanding work!!! I like the whole thing from concept to stitching. My outline stitch always goes wonky, how do you do it? LeeAnna

    1. If you look close enough some of my lines go wonky too, I spend too much time undoing some lines.