Sunday, July 24, 2016

Stitching on Sunday

It's been a crazy week from getting a blow out last Saturday on my way home from the beach, finding out the spare was also flat, calling the tow truck, to ordering 4 new tires on Sunday and having them put on Monday only to have the mechanic call to tell me they had to order another tire because one of the new ones went flat while taking it for a test drive and running over a big nail.  By Wednesday I had my 4 new tires and a big headache, still tired from the cold earlier this month I just wanted to lie down for about the week.

Instead on Thursday morning I headed for the beach, the one place I know I can regain my sense of peace and balance.  It is the main reason I want to move closer to the beach the 90 minute drive is tedious.

I did get some hand embroidery done this week and will continue with my hand stitching today for so much needed Slow Sunday Stitching and you can bet I will be hooking up at Kathy's Quilts here is the link click on over to see what other talented bloggers are hand stitching today.

No surprise I am still workling on block 8 for the Hocuspocusville Quilt the quilt shop, I made quite a
bit of progress this week.
Witches Stitches Quilt Shop
While running errands a few days ago I stopped at the library to pick up a book by Stephen King titled Finders Keepers only to find out it is part of a trilogy so I dropped in to pick up the first book
Mr. Mercedes, I wasn't planning on reading a trilogy but since I have the third book, End of Watch, on reserve which I didn't know was part of the set until I did some research I figured I will go ahead and read all three. I loved Stephen Kings older novels but after Rose Madder it was hit or miss and too often a miss, but every now and then one of his books grabs me in like the older novels. So far it has held my attention.

Since my miserable cold early in the month I fell behind on my 13 Goddess so I have a few of those in the works. I will give you a partial peek at the next one I just finished tracing her onto fabric and will crayon tint before I begin to stitch her.
which goddess is she?
And here is a look at one of the projects I have been working on from my bin of projects from the past. All the pieces for the Sun Bonnet Sue were cut and waiting to be appliqued onto the block for about 20 odd years which really gives this piece vintage appeal.
Sun Bonnet Sue
Last week I was puttering around the kitchen and threw together a tasty vegetable lasagne which turned out quite good, I used broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, corn and peas and instead of a tomato based sauce I used an alfredo sauce.


  1. So many lovely projects going on... and now I am hungry for that yummy looking veggie lasagna!

  2. It's sounds as if your really need some slow Sunday stitching after the week you've had!