Monday, February 5, 2018

Busy February Days

February is a busy month for me, my son's birthday is on the 6th, I have blood work scheduled and a doctors appointment next week, my grand niece Tessa is having her 5th birthday party with pony rides and bouncy house, both activities I am much to big for.  The movie,Peter Rabbit, is out this weekend I know I never mentioned this before but as a child Beatrix Potter's The Tales of Peter Rabbit was my favorite book, my plan is to take Tessa to see it. And then there is the entire month of February celebrating Embroidery.
I have been stitching up quite of few small projects, one requested piece and taking part in the EGA stitch-a-long for February which is Redwork.  Here is the first little piece I will stitch for it.
My friend recently requested a small embroidery to celebrate Brigid's Day, she sent me a drawing from a site with free coloring pages after posting my progress in a Facebook group I am in I found
out the drawing is actually by Mia Anthonia Fries Orsted, who commented it was a lovely rendering of her drawing and would like to post it on her pages, I was flattered telling her to feel free to post it.
Here is the embroidery I made from her lovely drawing below my embroidered rendition.
my embroidery 

Original Drawing by Mia Anthonia Fries Orsted
It is backed with this batik fabric I bought back in 2014 I just love the knot work on the fabric and I wish I had purchased more of it but if memory serves correctly the shop only had 2 fat quarters left which is what I bought.

I was also quite disturbed that her lovely drawing was hacked, the color was removed and it was stuck on a site as a coloring page.  I have used coloring pages a few times usually through a blog site that offered them free and I have purchased several from Etsy shops.  I will need to be more careful when someone sends me something to stitch etc. my friend didn't keep track of where she got it so I couldn't link back or even furnish the site to the actual artist.  I usually link back to whatever site, shop or store I have gotten a pattern etc. from and I will add the name of the artist when I know who they are. 

I finished reading Ellen Stimson's book Mud Season, it was quite a fun read and had me laughing out loud at some of the passages and nearly through the entire chapter of the lambs.
I read a few articles in the Herb Quarterly and will bring it while I wait at the lab and the doctors offices this week.  I bought a few dollar daffodils from the Wal-Mart garden center last week to
brighten up the succulents that actually survived those freezes we had throughout January.  I made some embroidery progress on my January crazy quilt block
I am also taking part in the TAST this year so I am using the weekly stitch on the block as well as on another piece of fabric, so far we are 5 stitches in, tomorrow the 6th stitch will be posted. If you are
interested in what TAST is or joining here is the link  So many of my embroidery is done using a few stitches: back stitch, stem stitch, running stitch and french knots, satin stitch and lazy daisy I found I forgot many of the other stitches so TAST is such a good refresher and I am trying to add more stitches in my pieces. 
Here is my February block for the 2018 Crazy Quilt Journal Project, again I am using up scraps from my stash for each of my blocks and so far I'm just using hand embroidery for the embellishment,  as
you can see I haven't added anything to the block yet, I decided to sew each block at the start of each month so each block will be fresh and ready and I don't have to decide from a pile of blocks. Or hey may be I am just lazy.  Truth is I can manage my time better making one block at a time.  My orts for January 2018, not too bad for one month of stitching.
I am linking up my post over at Super Mom No Cape today why don't you stop on over and see what other bloggers are hand embroidering.

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  1. I love your embroidered rendition of the drawing. :)