Sunday, June 17, 2018

Slow Stitching, TUSAL and More

Well the month of June is just moving right along our summer thunderstorms have moved in so everything gets a good soaking most days.

I have been taking longer morning walks and much earlier pretty much a long with sunrise. I have made an effort to get to the library weekly again so I always have something on hand to read, which is silly since I have hundreds of books on my shelves I could read.  So a task for the upcoming weeks is to purge those books on my shelf I know I won't read.  Does that happen to you? you find a book that sounds like a good read buy it, take it home then put it in the to read pile and never get around to reading it.  I happens to me quite often then when I get around to it I find I am no longer interested so I put it on the shelf and then it goes in the donation box when I realize I'm never going to read it.
Here is what I am reading this week:
I finished Queen Anne's Lace which I really enjoyed last week during a rainy day while my fingers were resting from too much stitching.

And speaking of my stitching, I finished a little piece from the DMC Stitch a long group, it was one of the first pieces possibly as far back as January available free I think it was in the Girl Power set of patterns, I printed the pattern, traced it and put it aside for one of those between projects I like to have on hand. I finished it about a week ago experimented a bit leaving loose strands of floss for the ends of the hair.

My latest project piece I am working on is a new piece coming along nicely, so far I've used Weeks Dye Works floss and oh how it loves to knot while stitching so I am keeping the length of threads as short as I can and still put in a decent amount of stitches.
There is knot work, spirals,leaves and an acorn or two most are being stitched in shades of green, though a brown or two will be tossed in. 
These are the colors I will be using, I love the over dyed colors with names of herbs and other fine greenery.
all those greens
While I missed posting my June, TUSAL report on the new moon last week here it is better late than never.  I will link this post at Its Daffy Cat if you are curious jump on over and check out what the TUSAL is all about.
Most of the green orts are from my current project The Green Woman which is progressing quite nicely despite the annoying knotting of the Weeks Dye Works floss.
green woman in progress
I did the eyes in a variegated amber DMC floss 111 and not one single tangle or knot.
close up acorn and eye
 Here is a close up of one of the acorns, her eye and some leaves. Despite the tangles and knotting I do love the colors of the Weeks Dye Works floss.  I will be linking my post today over at Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching feel free to take the link and check out what Kathy and other talented bloggers are slow stitching:

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  1. Your green woman is fantastic! You did a good job with her eyes ... what a fun stitchery to be working on! Sorry about the knotting, I know that's frustrating ... hopefully it will start behaving! :)