Sunday, November 17, 2019

Walking about the Garden

Midway through November, the weather here in north central Florida has been cloudy for nearly a week with a few bouts of rain tossed in, and for the last few days it's been cold and gray so gray in fact when I step outside I expect to see bare trees and snow flakes but it's Florida so I am ever disappointed.
What I have seen though is some unusual fungi growing in the grass in front of the house, I have only been living in this house since June and I am finding all sorts of interesting things here and there in the yard.
At first I thought is was a large mushroom that I had squashed while walking along with my cane until I saw another one about a foot away from the first.
I supposed I should have zoomed in a bit but I was having a hard enough time holding the phone and cane so it is what it is.  I try to walk around the house a few days a week, daily is out of the question now with the uneven ground even though my knee is improving my footing has not. 

Along the back of the house there is a fallen tree which I'm sure host all manner of insect and little wildlife.  On Friday I noticed these lovely fungi growing I wonder if they will nourish a critter or two. 
I plan to leave the fallen tree and plan to document it's decay, for me there is something sacred in knowing it's feeding the earth beneath it and perhaps housing something within as well. 
The oranges are ripening slowly on the branches and several have fallen without me noticing them until they have half rotted.
Once these are ripe and picked I will trim the branch back it obstructs the entrance to the side of the house.
Moving it out of the way takes care because her 2 inch thorns lethal weapons to say the least.  I imagine those thorns are the reason the birds don't peck into the oranges.
The palm tree in the front of the house needs to have a trim as well not too much just enough to keep
it from sweeping the driveway.  The two lavender plants are doing quite nice filling out a bit and growing taller. 
I really hope that growing them now during the fall and winter will be enough for them to thrive in the spring and summer months, my thinking is once I put them in larger pots during the warmer weather I can move them during the high heat of the day. 

Well that's my garden update for the first half of November.

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  1. Deb: What a fun post, I love seeing green anything, all the tree and plants are brown, we still have green grass.
    I would love to be able to grow oranges, you are so lucky.
    I hope whatever is going on with your knee gets better so you can go without the cane.