Sunday, March 8, 2020

Marching Toward Spring and Slow Stitching

Every few days here in north central Florida the weather has felt like Spring then a little turn of the day and the temps are reminding us it's still winter here, last week I had to cover my lavender plants for the night as temps dipped to 31. On the bright side Spring is a few short weeks away. 
I hope all of you that live in an area using Daylight Savings Time remembered to move your clocks ahead, I set mine ahead on the stove and microwave last night preferring to do the manual clocks in the morning when I would feel steadier on the step ladder the oddest thing happened this morning when I checked the time on the stove and microwave both had gone back 2 hours.  Now to my knowledge the microwave doesn't have a built in memory to change the time, the stove may but I don't think so I will check the manual later. 

It's International Womens Day today if you like to read here is a link to The 2017  New York Public Library's list of 365 books by women author's
I'm happy to say I have read several on the list and have made a copy so I can pick a few from the list from time to time.

Speaking of reading I finished reading the Laura Childs book The Jasmine Moon Murder, it was okay, if memory serves I read the first three books years ago and I didn't care for them at the time so didn't continue on with the series, then while browsing the library I decided to give one another try as I said it was okay so I may try another one of these days.

On my stitching progress, I started on the first drum earlier this week and began stitching the second drum Friday night.
first drum in progress
second drum in progress
The photos show both the first and second drums in progress the second photo shows my floss choice for the drum head being separated. There isn't much left to do on this piece but those drums do take quite some time to complete, they don't call it slow stitching for nothing.  Speaking of slow stitching I will link up to Kathy's Quilts today

Finally put my little kitchen witch up in my kitchen window, even with the curtains opened the photo was a little on the dark side so I used Photoscape to lighten it up.

There are several poems that go along with a kitchen witch doll one of my favorites is simple:
Nothing Spills, Nothing Spoils, 
Over Cooks or Over Boils
This Kitchen Witch upon her Broom,
Brings love and luck to this Room.

Happy International Women's Day to all of you!


  1. Lovely stitching. Enjoy that extra light....perhaps a little stitching??

  2. Your drums are looking very nice. Enjoy your slow stitching.