Wednesday, July 29, 2020

The Month is Running Out

Goodness it's the last week of July, in my heart I am doing cart wheels though in reality I am just counting the days until September when the gallbladder is to be removed.  I'm sick of feeling sick and even though I have a few good days most of the days are miserable. When I say good days I mean the nausea isn't too bad, sitting upright for a few hours without pain is possible, and I can drink more than a few sips of water, leaning forward is not a good idea ever right now.  The bad days I won't mention except to say there are more of those then the good days.

This week we have been blessed with glorious rain daily which helps my potted plants thrive so much I ached inside to see them struggle in the heat and humidity earlier in the month when watering with the watering can at lease kept them living. 

I haven't been able to transplant them into larger pots and the raised beds never came to fruition due to being hit with the annoying illness in March just before I was going to put in the beds.

In May the palm tree in the front yard blossomed this for lack of knowledge of what it is I'll just say a flower of sorts, I believe the poisonous berries that were there last summer will eventually come out of the flower.  I haven't even noticed if they were there this year yet so I don't have photo.
UPDATE: Here are the berries:

Well it's time for a cup of tea and some crocheting while I feel up to it.  I am still working on the Granny stitch shawl I started months ago and finally have the energy this evening to put in a few stitches.
It could have been finished a while ago but I like my shawls on the larger size so I can really wrap myself in a soft hug.

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