Saturday, May 31, 2014

Catch Up

My time away for the most part has been quite good for me but getting back to everyday life and home is nice.

I came across this little cartoon the other day and it reminded me so much of myself when I first started out on my own. I was always surrounded by books and plants, pens and notebooks, cuts of fabric, beads and fibers. Much has changed since those early years and much has stayed the same. I am still surrounded by books, my plants are all outside, for some reason I have no luck growing houseplants in Florida. My fabric, yarn, fibers and beads are all neatly tucked into plastic bins, out of sight and always on my mind. When I think of myself this little cartoon is how I still see me. Content.
We say hello to a whole new month tomorrow and for me I am starting a new chapter of my life, nothing noticeable to the outside world really but within myself new things are beginning to take form I would guess some of the personal changes will influence some of my creative endeavors which isn't a bad thing.

This month I'm making a few changes inside the house, while its too hot to putter in the garden now is the perfect time to putter in the house, the first room to tackle: the kitchen, I needed a new mat to stand on my the sink, the old mat has gotten ratty and worn and I wanted something bright and I knew a few local places to look, I found this bright mat with a garden theme (what else)?
floor mat
and I also picked up some dishtowels to add some brightness or the summer, I found these at one of
dish towel 1
dish towel 2
my favorite stores, K-Mart, not only were the linens on sale I am a rewards card member so when I checked out my points were applied and I paid a whopping forty nine cents for everything. I love a bargain.  With the linens changed I decided to clear out some stuff in the cabinets, I really don't need two coffee grinders, 3 sets of dishes, the electric knife I've had for over 30 years, used oh 5 or 6 times and not since I have lived in Florida, 20 years this May.

Today I begin work in my bedroom, I would like to move around a few key pieces of furniture, my desk for one by the window is nice during the cooler months, not so much through the summer which gets quite warm even with those energy efficient drapes, the book shelf unit I'm going to move out of the bedroom. I have a few other ideas rolling around my head.

Well let me leave with a few more beach photos, early morning biking on the boardwalk, and kite
flyers up early getting in practice for the Annual Kite Show, that brings back memories of when my son was a little boy.
Jan 2014
in the middle of winter my friend sent me the snowy photo, she knows I love the beach and the snow, I miss those days less and less as I get older.
a slightly different angle and a few early morning fisherman and beach patrol.  The view of one of the amusement piers early morning before the start of the summer season.
quite a view
sunny day
My favorite time of day on the beach is early morning before the city wakes up and the only noise is the gentle roll of the surf, gulls diving for breakfast and the sound of your own thoughts for the day ahead.
Hope your day is a great one!

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