Friday, May 23, 2014

Summer is in the Air

Well I am finally starting to feel better and hopefully this last bout of infection is behind me, Summer is in the air and I for one don't plan to spend it sitting in my reading chair or lying down.

I am in search of a new doctor, on the 12th I was in the office for a check up and to my surprise while having my vitals recorded I was informed my doctor is no longer with the practice and I would be seeing a new physician, apparently the contract for the facility was up and my doctor moved on, no letter to patients, no notice as all, I was not happy. There are more events that went on from there but I won't go into them right now.

On a more pleasant note the weather has been all sunny skies and breezy days allowing me pleasant mornings in the garden then a few hours at the community center pool, nice for recuperating one's lost energy and getting in some exercise too.

Today I'll bring along a few things to read, I am enjoying the Anna Quindlen book very much I just
love the way she describes certain things, its like she reached into my own thoughts and put them on the page.

I have a few crafting projects I will be working on over the next few weeks (months) right now I am gathering supplies, I didn't have any more of the long doll making needles in my sewing supplies so I
grabbed a packet of those along with a 6 yards of elastic for and shades of pink embroidery threads. The pattern below is for a Full Figure cloth doll which I plan to get started before the month's end.
I'm reading through the pattern and making a list of the materials I need to make several of the dolls then head off to Joann's or the internet for fabric to use for the doll's body.  I have always used a muslin or cotton for cloth dolls however this pattern lists other fabrics so I can try something new, I think it will be interesting.
This is the first time I won't be designing the doll's body, using a pattern designed by someone else should be an interesting experience.  I will design the clothing the dolls will be dressed in. I don't make dolls often but lately I'm just itching to be more creative.

The latest quilt top I made is just solid white blocks I plan to applique or embroider something in each block.
I had an idea so I grabbed the pink embroidery thread but then I looked at the blocks I have several other thoughts, such is the way of the creative mind.

Now let me leave you with this little thought and wish you all a great weekend.

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  1. Good Morning and Happy Friday also. Sorry to hear about your doctor leaving and without notice. I hope you find one that you will like. I think I have hear a few people saying that too. Glad you are feeling better.

    How fun! Making your own doll pattern. I can't wait to see hear and see your progress. Love your thought posts. Last one is so true. Enjoy what we are doing to the fullest, no matter what it is.
    Have a wonderful weekend too.
    Bobbie Lynn