Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Spring and March TUSAL report

Well it's the first day of Spring and as in years gone by I awoke with an internal restlessness and the urge to hit the road for an adventure of sorts and oddly enough to declutter my nest.  I felt the mild stirrings of restlessness for a few weeks so I will have to appease the stirrings soon and take a short road trip soon.

Here is my Ort Report photo of my Ort jar filling up rather nicely this fine Spring New Moon day (that was a mouthful), followed by the current projects I'm working on.
What is a TUSAL you ask, and what the heck is an ORT jar well if you want to be in the know click the link and learn all about it from daffycat, you may find you want to join in too.

My lastest progress on Greenman #2 in the Q-Snap frame, I've had to take a few days off from stitching to let the split on my finger heal so this week when I had time I put in several rows of crochet stitching to my shawl, my new yarn bowl is peaking out.
The new yarn bowl with dragonflies, there is room enough for a large ball of yarn or several yarns. Since I haven't had time to get into the pottery studio and this piece just took my breath away I bought it, I purchased it here
So far the shawl is currently 32 inches across this photo shows a more accurate  color of the yarn but fails to show the luster.

The quilt blank I put together to embroider different Greenmen designs which are currently in progress. The blanks are 8x8 inches just the right size to work comfortably in hoops or frames.
This ends my Ort report for the month of March, I really enjoy taking part in the TUSAL= Totally Useless Stitch a Long, it makes me want to stitch more.

Here is what I am currently reading,  this week both books are by authors I haven't read before which helps fill my goal of reading 12 new to me authors.
 The book by Maria Semple had me from page one, last night I couldn't put it down and read into the wee hours of the morning.
This book by Lisa Van Allen I chose for my reading books with thread in the title. Its a personal little challenge I came up for myself to get me reading when I hit a slump.  So far I have read A Single Thread and A Spool of Blue Thread.

Some day this week I will be planting the OldHami bamboo in my garden and clearing away the fallen twigs and ever growing weeds.

I wish you all a very Happy Spring


  1. You're doing all this in addition to your normal every day chores? You must meet yourself coming and going. LOL I have several things going too, but not near as many as you do. Take care and don't over load yourself.

  2. Hi Deb-
    I wanted to reply to your comment privately but your e-mail is set to "no-reply". So I'll say thanks for visiting here on your blog. Wow you have way more orts then me! Must be a very speedy stitcher. :-) I love the dragonfly yarn bowl!!! I wonder if it comes in crochet ball size? Anyway, take care Deb. - Jan

  3. Hello Deb and Happy Spring : )
    You have a lot of neat projects going on, Fun. I'm glad you like my latest post. I have not been indoors much. The weather here in Southern California has been so beautiful and everything in in bloom. I'm just soaking all in before the hot summer days hit here.
    I just read a real neat book titled, "a memory of violets" by Hazel Gaynor. It is a historical fiction regarding the flower sellers in London, around the 1800's - mid 1900's. In enjoyed and learned something new and interesting.
    Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for paying me a visit.

  4. You've been a busy lady! Loving the Greenman and the shawl. Crochet for me is just plain hard work - I much prefer to knit.