Saturday, March 7, 2015

rambles from me

Just a brief post with the progress on the blue shawl I'm crocheting, I managed a few rows while attending the first Saturday session of Thread Therapy held at the Yards n Yarn shop.
Another coloring book to use for hand embroidery patterns came in the mail a few days ago from Dover Publications.
The pictures are a little more detailed which should make for some colorful hand embroidery pieces like this one with the seashell.
And just a little reminder for all of us

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  1. Your crotcheting is wonderful.... Well done!! I however have not mastered it yet :(. One day!!
    I love adult colouring books... My daughter (19) is into them too, she likes ones with plants and trees all really detailed. I love how full of detail they are... Have fun with yours :)
    Smiles :)