Sunday, August 21, 2016

Slow Sunday Stitching and a new Toy

The hand embroidery on block nine for the Hocuspocusville Quilt is coming along nicely, I am hoping to have this one completed a bit faster than block 8 which I finally completed a few days ago, I started it at the end of June.
Stitching branches
block 9 before stitching
I have the bottom of the tree complete and just a few more branches to do before I move onto the house; I love stitching trees. Block nine is another busy block but nowhere near as busy as block eight was.
block 8 completed
I am so glad I traced all of the patterns on the fabric blocks before I started the stitching it, all I have to do is pick up the next block and start embroidering. I even made sure I bought more than the 10 skeins of black floss recommended so I wouldn't run out since I use black for other projects I'll have it on hand. After a few weeks of debating with myself I bought a new toy, a Nextbook tablet with detachable keyboard.
I mainly purchased it so I could install an e-reader to allow me to download books a thing I swore I would never ever do. But times change and so do I.  I am a very avid reader and have more book shelves stuffed to overflowing with books. Here are some of the reasons I have decided to install the e-reader on the tablet:
1. I don't have to find space in the bookcase when I am done reading. I don't what to buy another bookcase.
2. Many of the books I want to read don't come in large print and many books have such small print or very light type that even with my strongest glasses I can't see the words or I strain to see it so I don't read the book.
3. I can enlarge the font on the reader so reason number two won't be an issue.
4. I read quite a few series novels which I usually check out from our library or buy used because frankly spending $7.99 or more for a paperback doesn't sit well with me, I know I won't read it again and if it doesn't make it past my 50 pages or first 3 chapters rule I have wasted what I spent because I won't continue to read the book.  And also reason two is a common drawback of some paperback books.
5. I can borrow e-books through my library too.
6. I can take any size book with me easily and holding it won't be such a strain on the hands and wrist.
7. Having the e-reader on the tablet means I don't have to purchase a separate device. I have installed Kindle and Nook was installed.

The drawbacks are few:
1. No physical book with pages to turn or the scent of old or new pages.
2. Those pesky fingerprints when I use the touchscreen. (this will drive me a little batty).

I like how lightweight the device is, it has a front and back camera that I need to master because I keep taking photos of my forehead.  I need to master the correct amount of pressure for the touchscreen my touch is too light and my swipe method is lacking. (It's the mail reason I never use my cell phone).

Here is the quilt top for a small quilt I am making for someone special, it is the same pattern I made a while back using the leftover fabric.  I bought way too much but I actually made 5 baby quilts.

Here is a closer look at one of the pinwheel blocks, the fabric for the backing will be fabric with the tiny white flowers on lavender.

Well let me get this posted today I am linking up with Kathy's Quilts today for Slow Sunday Stitching

I am joining the linky party at Super Mom No Cape here:


  1. Your Hocus Pocus is just adorable. I too have a tablet and use it to download books, check email, play solitaire, catch up on the news and on and on! It's a miracle! I find it difficult to actually read anymore. I download audiobooks from my library which are great to listen to when I do handwork on my applique. Have you tried this?

    1. Audio books is a great idea I'm going to give it a try. Thank you

  2. Block 8 was quite intense stitching!
    Enjoy block 9!

  3. I think you're smart to trace all the patterns at once. I started the Crabapple Hill pattern called Calendula Patterdrip and after I finished the first block it got put away. I'm not even sure which box it is in. If I had traced (and colored) all the blocks before I started embroidering - I would be done now.

  4. Oh, and thanks for commenting on my blog. A peach pie is always a bonus.

  5. No need to defend your e-reader! I'm not a gadget girl and don't have one, but I have friends who love them. Other people I know don't like them at all. You need to do what is best for you! I listen to a lot of audio books when I'm sewing or stitching. Don't think I've actually READ a book years.

    Halloween is my favorite holiday to stitch for! Love the blocks you are doing and your purple quilt too.

  6. Interesting blackwork blocks and I love your quilt. Good luck with the new machine. xx

  7. Excellent finish and good starts. Very pretty colourway on the quilt as well.

  8. Love the embroidery and the little purple print quilt. Your reasons for buying the notebook were quite well thought out. I know I see a lot of people with notebooks and tablets with keyboards, so I suspect my next computer might be something like that. It seems to be the coming thing. You're modern and updated now. =)