Monday, August 8, 2016

Stitching and blending

Well the rainy weather here in August is sure making up for the lack of rain we had in July and as much as it interferes with a few early morning task it is much needed.  I took my morning walk with a light drizzle falling on my face and a nice breeze in the air and at 75 degrees it was quite nice.

Tomorrow morning the roads will be full of school buses with kids returning to learning after long hot summer, July was a scorcher.  After 20 odd years living in Florida I still find it odd that kids go back to school before Labor Day, I mean summer is in full swing, it all comes down to location I suppose, heck some of the schools in Florida go year round so I for one am glad I no longer have a school age child.

I bought a new blender last week and it works really well to make smoothies and crushes the ices like a breeze,
It's a bit of a monster blender, probably more blender then I really need but I like that it has single serve capacity with cups as well as a 72 oz blender container,  its a Ninja Professional blah blah blah.
I like the fact I can put the small blade piece onto the cups and just mix what I need and not have to deal with washing the huge container.

Yesterday I made more progress on my block eight hand embroidery and today I will work on the stepping stones and hopeful to get started on the tree.
I think all I did was the railing over the door before my hands started to tingle so I put aside the needle and just forgot to pick it back up again.
I will be linking my post over at Super Mom No Cape what don't you come on over to see what other bloggers are stitching today.

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  1. I'm so glad that I still have almost a month before school starts again. Nice blender. I am still nursing one that is 31 years old. Love the block. I hope you can get those stepping stones finished tingle free.