Friday, October 7, 2016

Hurricane Matthew is bringing the wind and rain

The video taking off my front house, I figure we will lose a few more bunches of mistletoe off the tree and a few more twigs, I moved a few this morning.

The rain isn't too bad here the wind is picking up by the hour so I went to the post office to drop off packages to keep my customers happy and picked up the new Wonder Woman stamps, today is the first day release.

And while I was at the post office I grabbed some Jack-o-lantern stamps too!  I just love them.
If you are in the path of Hurricane Matthew stay safe and stay dry.


  1. I hope you have no damages from Matthew. I'm so glad he's gone from here!


  2. I can't imagine the damage this slow mover has caused. I don't mail many items, but I want to gift stamps to a blogger friend that sent me a gift. I'm going to look for those Wonder Woman stamps!!
    xx, Carol