Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Food for thought: Is a banana enough to be called breakfast?

'Catching up' seems to be my phrase of the week, I have been trying to finishing up several loose ends before the arrival of the new year. This involves everything from clearing out old magazines to finishing up a craft project and cleaning up the straggly garden.

Yesterday it rain for most of the morning at times coming down so hard my front yard resembled a swamp, but minutes after the downpour passed those large puddles disappeared without a trace mostly thanks to the lack of rain we have had this year and living here in Florida it's not uncommon.

The crazy holiday season is upon us and having the online retail shops keeps me quite busy most of the day but this year I am being more cautious than I have been in previous years, trying to stay on top of my health is a top priority as I have slowly learned that ignoring the issues won't make them go away and most of the time things just get worse.

So I am trying to get adequate sleep which sometimes comes in the guise of an afternoon nap if I haven't had a restful nights sleep.  Eating is another issue, not eating right that isn't a problem, just eating a normal meal when I should is what I have trouble with.  The problem is I'm not a hungry person, I can get up take my morning medications and go usually till about two o'clock before I feel hunger.

Taking Metformin I'm supposed to take it with a meal so I find myself forcing myself to eat something when I'm not hungry which then makes me feel miserable and full.  So today I thought to myself why not take it in the afternoon? I mean the doctor didn't say take it in the morning, and since I swallow all those other pills in the morning why not?  Well not really a good idea because I'm supposed to be eating at least 3 meals through the day, so this week I have been getting creative with my morning meal. Ugh!

It's an ongoing process and even a bit of a struggle,  I can eat a banana and be full for hours, but is a banana a meal.

Same goes for a bowl of oatmeal, sprinkle in a few raisins I'm set for a two mile walk and whatever else I do through the day until dinner.

  I have even resorted to buying frozen pancakes that I can heat up in the microwave and I will drop some yogurt on them or fresh fruit or a few drops of honey.
So amidst the daily chores, packing items to ship, I'm pouring over my heart health and reversing diabetes books trying to find a breakfast that won't make me feel I've gorged on a banquet.

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