Sunday, December 18, 2016

Slow Sunday Stitching December 18th and Monday Link up Party

It has been a very busy week as I pull and pack items for shipping each day to keep all my customers happy. This time of the year is such a busy time for all of us so trying to make time for some much needed stitching time gets a bit creative and nearly impossible.

I did manage to get a start on the last block for Hocuspocusville and I will take a little time today to put in a few more stitches.
block 12 started
I removed the stitch and wash away project from the little goddess mandala project I was working on and you can see how much I chose to leave off from the original piece.
The piece still needs to be pressed and finished but overall I like the look of the simple hand embroidered outline. Below is the original piece where you can see all the moons I decided to leave off.
Yesterday I received a few small packages in the mail, one from my friend K in California who made these sweet little Christmas coasters. She retired from teaching this summer and has enrolled in a few sewing classes.
The other package contained a rainbow of perle embroidery floss for a future project I will be working on.  I don't normally use perle cotton when I hand embroider so it will be interesting to see if I notice any real difference when I am handling the threads.
A perle rainbow
The perle cotton is DMC number 5 which feels thin enough to get through the eye of some of my needles. I will experiment to see if I will work with a single thread or two or more.  I usually use 2 strands when I work with 6 strand embroidery floss, years ago I preferred working with 3.

I will be linking up with Kathy's Quilts for the slow Sunday stitching post.

My last bit of stitching news I have is I am going to join  1 year of stitches 2017 here is a link if you are curious:
I like project, blogs and groups that keep me hand stitching, so this hand embroidery project looks to be right in step and a fun way to start off the New Year.

Monday Update:
My progress on block 12 is slow and steady, just the way I like it.  I just now realized I started stitching this on the right to left, after I finish stitching the window I'll move the work over in the hoop.
I'll be joining the linky party at Super Mom No Cape today a place where talented bloggers show what they are working on too come have a look.


  1. I have a whole lot of that perle cotton that I inherited. I know that I will use it someday, I just don't know when. I like that Hocuspocusville block. I will watch for your progress. I like the simplicity of your mandala. Enjoy the holidays!

  2. Enjoy stitching today on either project...I like the mandala simpler this way too.

  3. Nice finish on the goddesses and lovely packages! I find it difficult to stitch with more than one perle thread for some reason. Good luck!

  4. ENjoy your stitching! Love that new project idea for 2017!

  5. Easier just to buy size 8 perle - or even 12. 16 would probably be too skinny. I use 8 all the time, and 5 never - just too fat! I love the last block you started on your Halloween quilt.