Thursday, March 30, 2017

Trekking the Trails

It has been a lovely few weeks here in central Florida, plenty of blue skies and bright sunshine with temps in the mid 80's feels more like early Summer than Spring but that's Florida.

Last Friday I took to the road and drove to Ormond by the Sea, it was in the low 70's with quite a brisk breeze blowing, a perfect day to soak in the sunshine and listen to the tide ebb and flow while birds and gulls glided over head.
the ocean calls to me
I think these are the biggest waves I have seen on a Florida beach in the 22 years I have lived here.
white capped waves rolling in
The ocean was a bit rough and wave after white capped wave rolled in leaving behind a heady foam on the sand.
On Monday I trekked the trail at my favorite park making my way into the M.O.M.S. area which is such a serene place to visit.
Memories of Missing Smiles
When you first pass through the gate you have a view of the waterfall feature in the garden which is quite lovely.
As you walk along the path there are little walkways off the main path you walk through an arbor and take the brick way to several benches, a bird bath and some benches, lots of plants and even a bird house or two.
Jasmine on the arbor
Some flowers in bloom
something is inside
There are quite a few memorial stones along the stream and at the bottom of the reflection pool but I decided not to post anything that can be read.
There are benches throughout the pathways and several to view the reflection pool as well as the waterfalls.
The stream runs over and around the river stones from another waterfall at the top of the reflection pool.
I was delighted to snap a photo of the ever elusive cardinal that was flitting from tree to tree, it's rare that I get a photo of a cardinal believe me I try every year in my backyard and very rarely get one.
Today on my walk I was greeted by a flock of I think egrets and herons pecking their way across the meadow without concern that people were passing by, they just kept moving along the grass.

I'm not sure where my next walk will take me but you can be sure I will have my trusty camera or cell phone along to snap a few photos to share.


  1. Deb: What a lovely area to walk, thank-you for sharing.


  2. That is such a lovely park to walk through. I snapped a few photos of cardinals at my bird feeder last week. Maybe I'll share those one day, too.