Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wednesday Walk

Today I brought along my cell phone so I could use the camera on my walk to take a few new photos at my favorite park where I walk daily.
The weather was perfect for a walk after a cloudy early morning gave way to bright sunshine and March winds later in the morning.
The above photo is of two fat crows walking, cawing and pecking about totally ignoring the woman with her cellphone snapping a photo, I love watching crows even though in my garden they can really be a nuisance and they love raiding the bird feeders, still I put out corn and peanuts for them and the squirrels.
This park, Jervey Gant, has some huge oak trees when I walk I lose my thoughts just looking at them, today I stepped beneath the largest tree to take some photos of the multitude of branches that have grown so heavy when the touched the ground they have taken root.
In the photo below I am now under all the leafy branches taking a shot of the trunk which looks just like any other tree trunk.
 until you look around and notice the branches have touched the earth and planted themselves there.
Every now and them I bring a blanket and spread it under the tree and just breathe enjoying my quiet communion with Mother Earth and this majestic tree.

My walk wouldn't be complete without stopping at the water station and refilling my water bottle.
I like this little water station with the spot on the end for water bottles, it's located right near the volley ball and basket ball courts and right off the trail.


  1. Greetings Deb: Beautiful photos of your walk, I love seeing the crows out my back door they are so comical to watch.
    Beautiful tree photos.


  2. What a lovely place for a walk. Where I am from there is a really old oak tree at the junction of two rivers. It is so big my entire high school senior class was able to 'perch' in it for a yearbook photo....granted my class was small but still it held all 60 some-odd of us :)