Thursday, May 18, 2017

Summer of Love floss arrives and waiting for a delivery

On Monday my clothes washer decided it didn't want to spin any longer, have you ever noticed these things never happen after the wash cycle completes?  So after pulling out all those soaked clothes I called a repairman, he gave me the bad news that it could be repaired however the cost for the part alone was more than I paid for the washer and it was repaired for the same problem about two years ago and at that time I was told if it happened again I would probably need a new washing machine.

So after paying for the service fees, I did a little browsing on Lowes website and found the washer I wanted and off I went shopping for a new washer.  The model I wanted was in stock, on sale and more than $100.00 less than the part to repair the old washer.  To make me smile even more not only is the delivery free it will be delivered today.  My only disappointment and to me a silly rule is you have to purchase new fill hoses otherwise the person delivering can't set it up.  So I have the new hoses the exact same ones I bought 6 years ago for the old washer, again because I wouldn't have the washer set up if I wanted to use the old hoses.  One more good thing, the old washer will be removed for me so I don't have to concern myself with that drudgery.  

I am looking forward to doing the laundry not because of the new washer, I'm now 4 days behind in my laundry and it piles up quickly.

Yesterday afternoon I had to clear part of the garage in case they want to enter through the garage to my laundry room, I had planned to do some heavy cleaning and clearing in there last month but I was fighting that darn bug and didn't have the energy, so yesterday besides clearing the walkway to the laundry room I did some clearing off of the shelves, I managed to donate 4 boxes of books, a box of glassware, a bunch of miscellaneous items that I haven't touched since I moved here in July of 2011. I have a few more shelves to go through I'm sure there will be more things to donate when all is done. Most of the stuff in the garage are shipping boxes in various sizes for the Ebay and Amazon business as well as garden tools, some of my sons keepsakes and holiday decorations.  It will be nice to have a few empty shelves for a while.

Late last week the embroidery floss for the Summer of Love Stitch at Home challenge arrived in the mail, I chose A Whiter Shade of Pale colors. 
 I think a part of me chose the colors because I like the song though I like neutral colors and thought they would work well in any design I choose to make.  I want to tweak my design a little bit then I should begin the stitching this weekend.   I'll include the link again for the challenge just in case it sounds like something you would be interested it.

Washer Update:  The delivery guy used my old hoses so I can return the new hoses for a refund, he said they are the same stainless steel lifetime hoses that I just bought, I knew this but hey it's nice he used the old hoses that still look brand new.
Hopefully I won't need to call the Maytag repairman for my new machine for at least 10 years or so.  

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  1. I've had my Maytag washer since 2000 I think. It is still working and I've had a repair man out once, to put on a new belt.

    Happy stitching ~ FlowerLady