Monday, October 16, 2017

No stitching this week, just a bit of spirit doll crafting

It don't have any embroidery projects to post today, nor do I have any quilting projects to share, this has been a creative week in another direction.  Hand crafting spirit dolls, also known as goddess dolls or healing dolls. 

This lovely goddess of nature is my newest and I must say she is quite nice to look at.
here is a close up of that face, made using air dry clay and paint.
and a look at the back, yes that is a large sea shell behind her head to represent the moon
there are small seashells, charms and dried and silk flowers and leaves too
bits of ribbon and cloth to create clothing and her headdress
she carries a staff made from a twig and is attached to a wood base.

Here's a look at two more clay crafted faces for up coming spirit/goddess doll projects.