Sunday, March 18, 2018

March Slow Sunday Stitching and TUSAL report

Well St.Patrick's day has come and gone, the new moon rose last night though of course we didn't see it, and it's time for the March TUSAL report.  What is a TUSAL you might be thinking to yourself, I'll tell you it stands for Totally Useless Stitch Along where bloggers each new moon post the  orts of their stitching for the month, curious? well jump on over to find out what it's all about
Anyway here are my orts for March so far and the orts to date in the jar, the loose orts will join the others in the jar.
 These orts are mostly from the Spring hand embroidery piece which I completed the stitching yesterday afternoon.
The above photo is before the stitch and wash away product was rinsed off, and this photo is after where all those dark lines the thread didn't cover disappear with the product.

I am tossing about a few ideas to finish, frame it, make a pillow, or just back it to make a small wall hanging or table decoration.    I need to decide as Spring is fast approaching.

While going through my closet last week moving around clothing and placing the cold weather stuff to the back I came across this cute short sleeve denim top that I haven't worn in a while, probably 2 or 3 autumns back.
I decided it needs to be embroidered, it has so much blank space for stitching I just have to come up with an idea or two, I have a few ideas forming in the brain but nothing concrete just yet, I know
with all this blank space I want to fill it.  I  love it doesn't have buttons or a collar, I can see a vine of some sort running up plackets where the buttons and buttonholes would have been.  I will be posting today at Kathy's Quilts


  1. Your spring rabbits finished very nicely! That's cool stuff you used - will have to remember it...

    What a fun idea to embroider something on that denim top! Vines meandering up the placket sounds perfect, and maybe a ladybug or butter fly on the pocket flaps? A little mousie face peeking out of one of the lower pockets? Have fun with it - I look forward to seeing what you do.

  2. A few years ago, I took up the challenge to embroider a plain piece of clothing...I choose a long sleeve shirt. It was fun to have a blank canvas to do whatever I wanted with. Enjoy the creative process.

  3. I love the Spring piece and all your happy-colored threads! It's nice to remember that spring really is right around the corner. And I love that you are going to add something to your denim shirt :)

  4. Deb: I am excited to see what you do to your denim top, what a great idea to embellish it.
    Your Rabbits are lovely.


  5. Your TUSALS look like perfect bird nest batting! Such a fun idea! Love those bunnies - whatever you decide to do with them will be lovely! Before I read that you wanted to embroider your top - I was thinking the same thing! Great minds and all...

  6. Love your bunnies. Roll on spring!

  7. I swear we have twin ORT jars. Lovely ORTs!

  8. I love how your spring embroidery with the rabbits turned out! And I look forward to seeing what you decide to embroidery on your shirt.

  9. Thanks for commenting on my Blog. You are a "no-reply" person but if you respond via email to this comment I can save your email address.
    Love the Spring Bunnies!