Friday, October 5, 2018

October is moving along

The weather has been lovely these first few days of October, while still in the low 90's and upper 80's the air has been drier and this morning while pulling my trash can to the curb the breeze was cool.  I'm posting the image of sunshine to reflect my mood today.

I worked on a cute little stitchery yesterday it's a free pattern from Lori Brechlin of Not Forgotten Farm, I'm a member of her Facebook Group and every now and then Lori shares one of her lovely designs.  Here is a link to her Etsy shop
I think it will either be a little sachet or the start of a needlebook.  Here is a link to the Website

I won a give a way last week on Facebook,  I had been waiting on the new Faerie Knitting book by Alice Hoffman and Lisa Hoffman, since I first read about the book in an issue of Faerie magazine, for a few years Alice Hoffman has had lovely stories grace the pages of the magazine and last Autumn issue was dedicated to the release of her book The Rules of Magic. The Faerie knitting book is just lovely, each fairy tale written by Alice Hoffman is woven from the knitting pattern designed by Lisa Hoffman.
Faerie Knitting
Charm Bags pattern
Since my knitting skills are a little rusty I am going to start with the Charm bag and then tackle a few other patterns but first I must read the stories.   I have to say I have read many of Alice Hoffman's books and happy to say there are a few that I haven't read yet, Practical Magic is one of the few books I have reread, a rare occurrence for me and lat year right before after I read The Rules of Magic I went onto Practical Magic. Check out Alice Hoffman's books here
 I also indulged the pages of the 2017 autumn issue of Faerie magazine and all the love photographs and article to get me in a festive mood.  This year the autumn issue of Faerie magazine is focused on Outlander, the book was made into a television series as I understand though I never saw it.  I did
start reading the first novel years ago when it was first published though I never finished reading it at the time and returned it to the library, so when I mentioned the issue of Faerie my friend sent me her copy of Outlander to read, she just finished it recently, she has watched the series and decided to read the book series.
I'm just about done reading The Library at the Edge of the World so I may give the Outlander novel a try when I finish it.  Speaking of finishing things, I am currently putting the finishing border on the Granny Square afghan I am crocheting for my sister.
It will be a round of single crochet and two or three rounds of double crochet. I will begin working on this long vest, the pattern is from this Etsy  shop
I will be posting today at  for the October yarn a long. Where bloggers share what they are reading and making with yarn.


  1. I read The Library Book and really liked it. I think I've been having a lot of contact with hard-to-love people lately and enjoy stories where they leave the familiar for an adventure. Like your sisters Afghan. Keep on stitchin!

  2. Read Outlander--you'll never regret it! I've read the whole series multiple times over the years, and have been thrilled with the television adaptation. Gabaldon has given me language for things I didn't have language for. I adore her the characters and consider them close friends. :)


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