Sunday, September 30, 2018

Sunday Slow Stitching, What's up for October

This is the last Slow Stitch Sunday for September, is it me or did this month go by in the blink of an eye? It sure seems that way to me. 

I finished the hand embroidery on the Green-woman #2 piece, held my breath while I rinsed out the stitch and wash product hoping the over dyed floss wouldn't run, pressed it lightly so I could snap a nice photo.  

I am going to finish her either in a frame or hoop not sure yet which so I will shop around for a frame to my liking. I used mostly Weeks Dye Works and a few Gentle Arts floss in colors named after herbs and other vegetation, DMC floss for the flowers and the pine cones and the eyes are done in Weeks Amber. She is stitched on 100% cotton muslin.  I'll link my post to Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching here:
I do love checking out the other bloggers that link to the site each Sunday there are so many creative people crafting some lovely quilts, embroidery, a bit of crochet and knitting too.  
I will also be linking up at Supermom No Cape here

This week has been eventful my car went back to my mechanic who once again address the oil leak problem, he didn't do the initial work but was able to de-grease the leaky mess that was left and he tightened the gasket that was supposed to be done at the other shop I had the car at.  I also needed a new tire that's the fourth tire I replaced so I sent a copy of my receipts to the place I bought the original 4 tires requesting a refund for defective tires they sold me.   Then Friday afternoon as I was leaving the car wash I noticed the rear window was down a little bit, you guessed it another regulator will need to be replaced so I will drop the car off this week for that to be done. it seems the heat of the Florida sun melts the glue that holds the window on the track my son has had to have all of his windows redone.    

There are 16 new floss colors available from DMC as individual skeins that were once offered as a set in 2013.  They came in the mail last week.
The colors are numbered 3880 through 3895, I think I might have the set so now I'll have two of each which is fine with me.  Sometime in October DMC will be releasing a new floss with a sparkle I'm hoping it will handle better then the light effects.  

I just love these New Age Muslin fat quarters 26 colors in the stack, I love using muslin when I do
hand embroidery, with 26 colors to choose from it could take me forever to plan a project, I'm sure not all of it will be used for embroidery I see potential autumn projects just begging to be made, something with a pumpkin or two.  These came through Craftsy's sale last week arriving in 2 days.

October is just a few hours away and I have a few projects I plan to get started on this week. I need to get the afghan I'm crocheting for my sister done this week so I can start on this long vest pattern I purchased from  Etsy

I have a few embroidery designs ready to trace onto fabric today so I can start stitching them, there are a few patterns in the new Kathy Schmitz book I think will look nice done on some of the new muslin fabrics above. 

In between stitching and crochet I have been reading to give my hands a rest they have been very achy this week. I finished reading Grandma Greenwood Takes a Walk  by Ben Montgomery which I enjoyed thoroughly.
I just started On the Beaten Path by by Robert Alden Rubin and so far it has my attention which is a good thing.
I have through hiked the Appalachian Trail alone several times in my life the first time at age 20 and reading other accounts of walking the trail brings back those memories as if it were only yesterday, I have been tossing about the idea of doing it one final time maybe when I'm 65. 

I finished reading The Bookshop of Yesterdays and while I liked the story I did not like the main character, has that ever happened to you?
 I'm nearly through reading The Library at the Edge of the World by Felicity Hayes McCoy I'm
enjoying it very much which I had my doubts because a friend recommended it and usually the books she suggest just don't hold my attention after the third chapter in the 30 years we have known one another we have rarely ever read the same books.

I have decided starting in October to change my walking routine up a bit and go for a few longer walks perhaps a few day hikes, my usual walks in the park are nice but I need a change of scenery so I plan to find a few new places.

I'll leave you with a lovely bit of sunshine to brighten your day.


  1. Yes, September has flown by for me, too. I love your green woman; so unique! The muslins are gorgeous; wish I had seen that sale. I'm a reader, too and those books seem very interesting. We lived near a portion of the Appalachian trail in western NC and it was always fun to walk around in there, though I can't say I've accomplished very much of it. It would be quite an accomplishment to walk the whole trail.

  2. Your green women embroidery is just gorgeous! I visited the appalachian
    gap during autum several years ago, it was stunning!

  3. Hi Deb: I am loving the Green Woman, she is really coming alive.
    I love all fabric, I have never seen the muslin fat quarters before.
    I am a big reader myself.



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