Sunday, January 6, 2019

First Slow Stitching Sunday for 2019

Stitching right along with the newest project in my hoop, after not doing too much hand embroidery through December my fingers are a bit tender so I am taking slow stitching to a whole new level this week.
This is where I am today, those pesky black lines won't be visible after I was off the stitch and wash product, but sometimes it can be quite distracting when I am stitching. 
At times I can't see where I made my stitch and other times it just looks a mess, like her feet and the ankle bracelet. 

In my first post for 2019 I mentioned a new stitch I had to edit my title to say a new stitch project, the only new stitch I have come up with is how to make a tangled mess in a new and clever way which then involves scissors, tweezers and lots of patience.  Here is a look at the first part of my Drum and Dance series.
Her flowing scarf I used DMC Coloris floss 4514 for the color change rather then a variegated floss. I will link up to Kathy's Quilts today here:

While writing this post I just now noticed I didn't stitch her hair or jewelry so once I finish the other ankle bracelet I'll move back up to the head.  I could blame it on these old eyes of mine or how easily I get distracted when really I just wanted to postpone using the metallic threads.

In between hand embroidery, I'm working on the crocheted afghan I'm making in the Shell stitch pattern. It's folded in half on my love seat.

I do hope everyone had a Happy New Year and have many new and old projects to work on in 2019.  Happy Stitching


  1. Deb: I love your new project, that lady's face is adorable, I like the colors of yarn you are using.


  2. Lovely design you are stitching today! Metallic threads can certainly be a challenge... hope it goes well!