Sunday, January 27, 2019

Last Slow Sunday for January

Can it really be the last Slow Stitching Sunday for January, this month has just been a mixed bag of everything.  I lost much time this week to my back deciding to strain itself and walking has been nearly impossible for a few days.  I have been in an almost prone position since Friday not getting much of anything done except some reading.

I did work on my dance and drum piece last Sunday and a little bit yesterday not much because sitting is quite uncomfortable after about 20 minutes. 
This is the 3rd and final figure for the piece, stitching is nearly complete and I hope to put in some stitching time today.  I am tossing around a few ideas for a new project to stitch and I know some time this year I will work another Green man piece, I did get my spirit bear project back so I need to continue work on that as well. I left it at a friends house a few weeks ago when we had a little stitch and bitch session.

I will link up to Kathy's Quilts

Postage rates increase today! I just wish that postal service would improve, my experience over the past few increases is the service just gets worse.  More lost packages, items that tour the country and some that have traveled internationally when really all they had to do was go two counties over.  It really is a disappointment especially when shipping daily is a big part of my business. Okay rant over.

It's going to be a rainy day so a good time to do some stitching and even a bit of crocheting.


  1. Your stitching is lovely. This looks like a fun project. I hope your back is better soon and you will once again be able to enjoy more stitching.

  2. Deb: I am so sad you have had problems with mail, we have never had anything like that but do have to hunt and peck for our mail sometimes, we get other peoples mail and have to deliver it ourselves, we have all continued to complain but it only gets worse after each complaint.
    I hate the fact the rates are going up.
    I love the dancer I am looking forward to seeing it framed or how ever you finish it.
    So sorry you are not feeling well.