Sunday, March 17, 2019

Slow Stitching Sunday and Preparing New Projects

I was just browsing the internet for some new wind chimes, several of mine have rusted away, I love the sound of the tinkling they make in a gentle breeze or on a windy day like on Friday when those March were blowing so hard the wind chimes sounded like an all day concert.

Spring is in the air for sure around here, my rhododendron shrub is in full bloom and to my surprise I can cut them, put them in a vase and the last for days.
Sometimes my cell phone camera doesn't take the greatest photos well the person snapping the photo, me, I was too lazy to get my camera.

My Easter embroidery is coming along nicely the light pastel colors are a pleasant change from all the greens of the Green Man piece.
I like to have several projects ready to work on especially when I need a change from the monotony of one color family, in this case green, I needed to change on and off when I was embroidering Hocuspocusville blocks all in black floss.

I have a few coloring pages I'll use for patterns to embroider, I than ran through my printer onto the stitch and wash away product now I just have to decide on the fabric to use.  I love these New Age Muslin fabrics by Marcus Fabrics I bought back in September, there are 26 colors in the stack.
I'm making my choice for one of the pieces from the two green fabrics which naturally is for another greenman piece, though now that I see them here I may use the deep tan fabric.
For me half the fun is choosing the fabrics and floss for a project I don't know if it's that way for everyone but I enjoy the entire process of planning right down to which hoop I will use. Does anyone else enjoy the planning process for hand embroidery?

My progress continues on the Easter piece early this morning while I was enjoying a cup of coffee on this rainy St. Patrick's day.

Overall progress after the coffee I have one more chick to complete, then those little stitches that make the shape of an egg around the bunny.
Quite possibly I'll even get a start of the word Easter before the day is over.  I am linking up at Kathy's Quilts today here:
There is nothing that brings me more pleasure then browsing the other talented bloggers to see what they are slow stitching today.


  1. Your Easter embroidery looks wonderful. What will it be when finished, wall hanging, cushion or table cloth perhaps?

  2. Deb: Your Easter stitch is so sweet, I am looking forward to seeing this finished.