Sunday, March 24, 2019

Sunday Stitching and a Little Bit of (B)itching

Sunday morning came and went with me doing a load of laundry and enjoying a nice cup of coffee with pancakes and bacon.

I finished the hand embroidery on the Easter piece I just need to iron out the wrinkles and decide how I will finish it, most likely I'll frame it. I'll link my post today at Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching here:
This week the mail carrier delivered a few stitching surprises as well as a few expected items.  The first is from a friend who sent me these lovely hand dyed wool charm squares from Primitive Gathering.
She also sent me this cute little Easter Kit and some Weaver's cloth pieces in lovely pastels
The expected items were a few magazine I subscribe to there are a few projects in both issues I'd love to try.
Punch Needle and Wool Worker
Then two crochet magazines, I admit I rarely find anything among the pages in the crochet magazines to make though every now and then I'll find one or two things, plus there is usually updates on new yarns, hooks etc.
And now for the (B)itching, in regard to the on going car repairs, a few weeks ago I dropped off my car to have the oil leak fixed a cracked valve cover was the reason for the smoking engine, well a few days after I picked up the car I was headed out and turned on my windshield wipers and nothing, the wipers wouldn't work. Ugh all I could think is what did that mechanic do?  So a day or so later I brought the car over letting know the wipers weren't working did they perhaps disconnect or forget to clear the codes.  Well I left it and the next day I was told the switch in the turn signal was the problem which sort of sounded okay since I turn the wipers on and off from the handle of the turn signal.  Well a few hours later I get a call it's not the switch and they don't have new enough equipment so they want to take my car down the road to someone that has newer equipment, I say no I'd rather just pick up the car at this point and have the dealership do the repairs. 

His tone of voice changed and said okay give me 10 to 15 minutes to check on everything, well if the car is ready to pick up what do you need to check, but I said okay because it would take me about 30 minutes to arrange a ride.  Meanwhile I texted my son to let him know and just by chance he has stopped by for an oil change and noticed my car wasn't there, apparently they had already brought my car to this unknown person and had to call to have my car brought back.

When my son picked me up I wasn't happy about the car already being taken before I gave the okay which I didn't.  When I finally drove my car home, not only did my wipers still not work, my turn signals aren't working, my trunk won't open with the key fob or the button inside the car. all my computerized warning flash on and off, I was livid and called the garage and let them know I was NOT happy and what the heck did they do, I brought my car in because the wipers weren't working and now I have a list of problems which I told them to inform the owner of the shop will be handing them the bill for and expect to be reimbursed. 

Geez it is too much to ask for a competent auto mechanic if you can't fix something say so don't just try this and that and cross you fingers and hope it works.  I suspect when I told them not to take my car to someone I didn't know they were already in the middle of the electronics and just disconnected and...!  Now it's time for some blog reading and a bit of stitching.


  1. Your Easter stitchery is very pretty. Congrats on getting it finished before the holiday this year. So sorry about the car repairs. Thankfully we've found dealers locally that do really good work, but on the reverse side, it's never a cheap fix it seems.

  2. I love your cute little Easter stitchery and all those wonderful items that you received in the mail.

  3. Hi Deb: I am so sorry this happened to you.
    I had an older friend when I was younger she took her car in to have a light bulb replaced, when we went to pick it up they said they had to replace the battery both headlamps and change the oli and fluids, the bill went from 15.00 to 500 dollars, we had a long argument until I said Florence mentioned she was getting an attorney to look into this, they see a female and expect you to pay for whatever they did or did not do.
    I just love your new Easter stitch, lovely.
    What a generous friend you have.