Sunday, May 5, 2019

Rain and Sand, Sunflowers and Slow Stitching

Happening right now outside my door an early afternoon shower, the skies just open up and pour out buckets full of rain.

I think I prefer yesterday's weather much more, though it did rain there too in the late afternoon, but most of the day was bright and sunny with big white puffy clouds.

I love the beach, it's the place I head to when I need to relax and re-energize myself, there is something so calming listening and watching the ebb and flow of the ocean, the distant call of seabirds and the faint taste of salt air on the tongue.  I tried to do a bit of stitching on the Greenman, unfortunately I didn't have my magnifying sunglasses to see and forgot my sunhat which would have shaded my eyes so I could see better.  I gave up after a little stitching and so glad I did, when I returned home I had to undo 2 lines of stitching.
These lovely beach sunflowers grow so beautiful I am always amazed how well they do in the sandy soil.
There are some nurseries in the area that sell then and I'd love to have them for my yard someday.  I have seen them in several gardens in my area. 

I finished the stitching on my drumming woman piece now to finish it either as a small wall hanging or frame.
I have a few pieces of drum fabric to chose from if I decide to make a wall hanging or to use as a frame around the bock before framing it.

I like the top piece for backing if I decide to make a wall hanging the bottom piece possible to frame the block. 
I will be linking my post for Slow Stitching Sunday at Kathy's Quilts here is the link:  She has made some lovely embroidered blocks and has the most beautiful pastel fabric to coordinate with them have a look.


  1. live by the beach! When I am near the ocean, I feel so much healthier! Your drumming woman is so pretty - I love the movement in her arms! Your fabric selections will be awesome! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I sure do wish I lived by the ocean... it is a wonderful place to be!
    Enjoy your stitching today!

  3. How wonderful to live near the beach....lucky you. Love those three drum fabrics. This wall hanging is going to look fabulous.

  4. Deb: I am with you the sound of the waves is so calming, I have a tape I play just to hear the waves.
    Green Man is a fascinating design.
    I am loving the drum fabric and drum Girl, I just love here hair.