Sunday, May 19, 2019

Slow Slow Stitching

It seems the days are moving by at a snails pace now that I am awaiting the closing of the house on the 31st.  Everyday that passes and I don't need to sign another form or write another check is a good day where I feel I can breathe a little easier.  I am a waiting for the other shoe to drop kind of person and I really detest last minute messes so at the end of each day of sorting this and that, and organizing to pack up the house I take time to pick up my stitching or crocheting.

 If I am feeling a bit to tense to make those embroidery stitches I crochet, then after pulling out a row and a half of crochet the other day I just pulled a book off the shelf and started to read.  Here is where I left off on the Celtic Cross I am currently stitching excuse the photo for some reason my phone picked up an orange tone which I lightened a bit.
I am currently working the lines inside the cross just about finished when my fingers begged me to stop for the evening.   I will be linking to Kathy's Quilts
While I was sorting through fabric bins and other places I came across some fabric I purchased a while back I think I will use some for one of my Greenman pieces, I both love and hate when I find fabric I forgot about.  Once I move I need to figure out a better way to store my fabric bins and stop buying fabric just because I like the print, or have an idea for it.  The truth may be if I don't buy it when I see it most likely it will be gone when I decide to buy it. I say so what, there will always be one more fabric print I like and one more idea I have.  I don't want any more than the 3 fabric bins I have now for quilt fabrics plus one smaller bin that holds all the fabric I use for embroidery. 

I know I won't live long enough to use all the fabric in those three bins so why add more.  Believe me when I say those bins can still hold more fabric.  I am considering donating of some fabrics especially the pieces I bought to make baby quilts or thought would be cute baby quilts then found something I liked even better or I just thought the fabric was too cute to pass up, I don't have a photo at the moment but two come to mind, the fabric with the cutest Owls and the bright green and yellow Bees, and Frogs my son and his girlfriend at the time picked out with my on my birthday which was about 18 years ago.

Oh yes sorting and purging has its perks before a move just yesterday I donated 2 coffee bean grinders, 2 sets of dishes, one standing mixer, one blender, 2 electric knives still in the boxes.  All stuff I haven't used since I moved here in 2011.  In fairness I have to say, I don't much so the standing mixer went, I have a perfectly good hand mixer.  The blender was replaced by the monster Ninja blender, I barely use.  Funny I thought I donated the blender when I got the Ninja.  The coffee bean grinders were in a high cabinet one was used to grind my own spices and herb blends which I haven't done in a few years. 
The electric knives were in the garage give away box both were gifts. I never got the hang of using one that I bought and just now remembered its in the other high cabinet. Slapping hand to forehead and uttering oh boy!  The new house has less cabinets in the kitchen so all the extra tea and coffee cups, the odd saucer or plate have to go. This is the best and worst part of the actual move getting rid of stuff cause you know 6 months from the time you toss it you will spend time looking for it. Cause you know you had one and it's just a senior moment of forgetfulness of where it went.  And on that note I will end my post today. Wishing everyone a wonderful day of slow stitching.


  1. The cross is looking lovely, very pretty project. I think buying too much fabric is a problem every quilter can relate to. Enjoy your downsizing!

  2. I'm always surprised when I find fabric I didn't remember. I think someone sneaks it in to the house when I'm asleep - I have fabric I can tell you where I bought it and what year so how can there be fabric I know nothing about.

  3. Deb: I hear you about the purging, when we had our cabinets redone I purged so much stuff and do not miss any of it, we took 8 boxes of stuff to the Epilepsy Foundation for their store.
    I love the Cross it is beautiful.
    I love fabric do not quilt but love to have lots of fabric on hand, not sure why.
    I remember when you only had to sign five papers to buy a home, now its a mountain of paper, good luck on the move, I hate packing but love unpacking.


    1. I don't think I ever missed anything I donated, and this time around I am making a list so that when I am looking for something months later I can refer to my donated list.

  4. It makes you feel good to have a purge from the cupboards of things we never use. Especially if the items are being donated to a charity shop in the community.

    1. It does feel good, I have 4 charity shops I regularly donate to and try to donate an equal amount.