Sunday, September 1, 2019

Hello September and some Slow Sunday Stitching

Well August is gone and hopefully this nasty bug I have been down with will finally run out of steam, not only were both my eyes infected for a week which meant no stitching, reading or crocheting, after they cleared both my ears became infected and the fever just didn't want to break.

My eyes cleared a few days ago and you know the first thing I did was pick up needle and thread and put in some stitches on the Greenman piece.
Not much was stitched just the leaves on both sides of the mouth but it was nice to pick up my work and get in a few stitches. 

I have a few patterns I want to get traced onto fabric so I can start stitching them, the first one is a Liberty Rose design which I would love to complete before Fall begins.
I think a sweet little wall hanging using some of these fabrics for backing and border.  I want to make a few fabric pumpkins with this fabric too.
Maybe one of these fabrics below for the border, I guess I'll know more once I get the piece stitched.

The other pattern I want to trace to start stitching is the Kathy Schmitz pattern Still of the Night
And this Liberty Rose sweet little gingerbread man pattern I need to find just the right fabric to get the bowl fillers started.
I am linking my post over at Kathy's Quilts today:

The San Francisco School of Needlework and Design has another stitch at home challenge coming up it's the Fall Stitch-at-Home challenge, theme will be "Healing & Reflection".  Unfortunately with my move, the problem my knee and then this nasty bug I wasn't able to get a piece ready to take part in the last challenge,Talismans, I do plan to have a design ready in the next week or so, deadline in January 15.  Here is the link


  1. All those future projects look wonderful. Green Man is looking good. I am looking forward to seeing your work on Liberty Rose.

  2. So glad ypu are better enough to stitch. Pretty projects and i love those fabrics. Pretty pumpkins they will make.