Wednesday, September 25, 2019

I'm Still Here

Yes I'm still here not doing much stitching right now just a bit more on the greenman, after losing July and August to my knee and the nasty viral infection I finally have some energy and have been unpacking the rest of my boxes from my move.

It is frustrating to say the least not getting things done when you want when illness strikes even a nuisance illness like bronchitis, viral infections etc. They just knock you out.  I am happy to say I am just about through unpacking boxes and happier to say I have 4 more bags of clothing to donate and I loaded them in my car first thing this morning.  One bag is full of shoes that are practically new I just can't wear them now with my knee being so unpredictable I never know when it will act up so shoes with a heel even a low heel make me feel unsteady when I wear them.  I'm sure someone will get good use from them.  I'm using my can again for balance and support I just don't trust my leg not to go out from under me.  Yesterday I was shopping and left my cane in the car feeling quite steady then just when I was getting ready to leave that horrible feeling of someone sweeping my leg (martial arts term) from behind came, lucky I was hanging onto the shopping cart or down I would have gone. 

On Monday I attended an essential oils class where we made Autumn blends of oils for the make and take projects.
I made a room spray and the mason jar with pine cones and felt leaves to drop the oil onto, the aroma is quite pleasant I chose the Spiced Cider recipe which is:
4 drops of Orange oil
3 drops of Ginger
3 drops of Cinnamon
That little brown bottle above is the Spiced Cider blend, this photo is the mason jar up close, I had to rearrange the pine cones after the drive home, the jar kept rolling back and forth on the seat.
Before I forget I have to post this beautiful orange that fell from my tree yesterday morning, it is the
only ripened fruit so far and oddly enough not a grapefruit which is what was hanging on the tree when I first moved in late May, and I confirmed when it fell to the ground. So either someone grafted and orange and grapefruit tree together or it was purchased that way, I have seen multi citrus trees for sale in several nurseries.
Either way time will tell in a few weeks, the fruits are still mostly green but have filled out and no longer resemble limes.
I cut the orange in half and left it out for the butterflies and other creatures to enjoy.  It smelled wonderful.

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  1. Deb: I am so sorry about your knee, I sure hope it heals back to where you do not need a cane.
    We just got over bad sinus infections, what a time of the year to get that crap.
    I so love your greenman, I have the pattern and need to get it kitted up and put in my to do basket.
    I love Essential Oils, I have a kit from Living Well, I love mixing and finding great oils combinations, thank-you for the recipe, I will try it.
    Have a great day.