Friday, October 25, 2019

Blooms and Books

Goodness she is bursting with blooms of sunshine today, so glad I bought this Hibiscus it was so full of buds, nice treat before the rain comes and knocks off all the flowers.
Made it to the library to pick up some books that were waiting for me, I'm still using the cane but resting the leg as much as possible has made it easier to walk nearly pain free, it's not 100% but doing so much better.
I have had Dear Fahrenheit 451 on my to read list for over a year and finally found it in the fiction section under the authors name it's a non-fiction book, if you don't know where it goes leave it for the library staff to reshelf.  (a pet peeve of mine)
The other book I picked up is A New Kabbalah for Women my friend is reading it and wanted someone to discuss it with so I checked it out today faster then ordering from Amazon and one less book to put on my bookshelves which despite all the donations I made prior to my move and after are still full. I won't tell how many new books I purchased since I moved in ha ha it's less then 10.

The newest issue of Inspirations magazine arrived in the mail today I going to make a cup of tea and start reading it after dinner.

I received an email from Inspirations yesterday informing me my Greenwoman piece is in this weeks What are you Stitching? section of Newsletter #209. Goodness I remember when I sent in the photo after I finished the stitching in June 2018. I was so surprised.
So I opened the email and hit the view online option so I could read the entire Newsletter and there she was staring back at me.   Work on the newest Greenman piece is coming along slowly I did manage to get some of the thin green leaves stitched and this weekend I plan to do more stitching on it.
slowly making progress
The rain finally made an appearance about 4:00p.m. at first it came down light burst and then the skies opened and gave everything a good soaking which saves me the trouble of dragging out the watering can to water the rosemary.  

The first of November is a week away Wow where did October go? Let me go make some tea, put my leg up and rest for a bit.

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  1. Deb: I know this month has flown by.
    Your Green Woman and Green Man are beautiful.
    I love reading, I am like you I hate when people do not put anything back in place.
    Have a great week.