Friday, October 11, 2019

October is Flying By

It's been a while since I made a blog post I've been nursing the bad knee, just when I think I'm getting better at using the cane my toe hits the tip and all balance is just about lost. I know I need to go back to the Orthopedic Center for the MRI to find the problem, I am waiting on the doctor's office to set up the appointment. In the meantime I now feel the knee cap move when I walk not all the time its like it slips out of place and the leg wants to buckle and the pain keeps me standing.  When the knee pops back into place so to speak I'm fine.

So while I haven't been 100% I do have good days when I can get things done as long as I am using the cane.  I bought a few plants recently, rosemary and lavender and a yellow hibiscus.

The lavender is a personal challenge because I have not been able to grow it in Florida I've tried in the Spring and Summer I'm sure because of the heat and humidity so I decided to try it in the Fall so it has time to establish itself through the winter months, I know it does grow here several people I know have it so I am trying it again.
lavender pot 1
lavender pot 2
The rosemary looks a bit straggly I am hoping the larger pots will be helpful, I always have rosemary in my garden.
rosemary pot 1

rosemary cauldron
I forgot to take a photo of the yellow hibiscus when the flower was open and looking like a little bit of sunshine.
I transplanted the hibiscus into a large planter which shouldn't need to be transplanted until Spring, the rosemary and lavender will probably be potted again in December, though I may plant one of the rosemary and lavender plant in the ground at that point.  It really is hard to say as I am not very steady on my feet and the cane gets in the way.  It took me nearly 3 hours to get everything potted last Sunday morning, the weather was wonderful and the wind chimes were tinkling and the birds were singing the entire time so I may have just slowed down to enjoy the atmosphere.

I haven't done any type of stitching in the last week or so I just haven't wanted to pick up the needle or a hook. I had several books on reserve come in at the library so I did get some reading in.

I finished the Janet Evanovich and Joan Anderson books, midway through Into the Wild and just started Autumn Alibi yesterday.  I am just about caught up on my letter writing and plan to start stitching this weekend.  The mornings here in Florida are much cooler this week and little bits of autumn show here and there.  These trees are usually green Spring and Summer then in the fall they turn yellow and then red.
turning yellow
turning red
a little yellow a bit of red and a chicken
The photos are not that great I snapped the pictures while waiting for a chicken to cross the road, you can just about see it in the bottom of the above photo, there is a brown one running near the tree however  not clear in the photo.

Sunday and Slow Stitching

My mood changed on Saturday afternoon and I had the desire to work on some hand embroidery again so I pulled out the Greenman to do some slow stitching which I will continue to work on today.
I did the eyes, the leaf over the nose and those thin leaves below the eyes, I have moved the hoop since the photo was taken and will work on the other side to finish the thin leaves.  I am linking up to Kathy Quilts today here is the link to check out what other bloggers are slow stitching today


  1. So glad the mood struck to pick up the needle and thread. I too am unable to get lavender to work in Florida (I couldn't in VT either!) but my rosemary is going gangbusters in the ground at the base of a tree. I hope they are able to schedule your appointment soon. Healing thoughts are with you.

  2. Hope you get an appointment soon. Greenman is awesome!

  3. I too, love Rosemary. I always have love to have this herb in the garden. A great stack of books to read. A trip to the library always holds such promise. Your Greenman is fabulous. Here's hoping you manage to get an MRI appointment sooner rather later. I must say Autumn in Florida sounds lovely and warm.

  4. I hope you have more energy for stitching and feel better soon!

  5. I have a rosemary bush that is like a large shrub, they love to grow here in Texas. Lavender is finicky.

  6. Deb: I am so sorry you are still having to use the cane.
    Lovely plants, I cannot have plants due to my cat who thinks they are toys.
    Oh my Greenman is beautiful.