Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A good mail day

Today I was out running errands, picking up my car from the shop, yea I have turn signals and brake lights again. At the supermarket I bought several containers of raspberries, they are on sale this week along with jars of raspberry and apricot jam to use for Kolacki.
which as you can see turned out quite well and I used unsweetened jams not to be confused with sugar free jam with that awful Splenda added, ugh!
After the grocery store it was off to the post office to drop off  today's packages and to buy some more stamps, I chose the songbirds and the winter flowers, which were not available locally in the winter.
I returned home and the mail carrier was just dropping mail into my mailbox and today among the junk mail and catalogs, were a few letters and 2 parcels, in the larger package was an issue of
Shabby Lane Shops, my friend explained it was available through an advertisement in Romantic Homes magazine, anyway she thought I would like it, I paged through it briefly and found lots to peak my interest especially the recipe for strawberry jam.

The other package contained this lovely hand stamped stationery set I purchase from a shop on Etsy
Don't you just love the face on this fisherman, the paper is smooth and of fine quality, I can't wait to write my first letter on it.  There are other sports related themed paper to choose from and you can choose from of selection of ink colors. The link where I bought this fine stationery made by my pen friend Neil is here:

There was one more item in the mail that I wasn't too thrilled to see, a summons for Jury selection, again.
I don't mind doing my civic duty, but I get called in every 3 years, and the last time I showed up I had to throw away a perfectly good comb because it had pointy ends like this one here, I didn't have to
throw it away but I wasn't about to slog back down 4 levels to my parked car, so I went back into the garage and tossed it in the trash, really worse then airport security, so I won't be bringing any knitting or crocheting with me to pass away the hours while waiting to be called.

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