Tuesday, June 10, 2014

books and beads

Can it really be the 10th of June?  I think I lost a few days somewhere.  Yesterday I was out running a few errands and came across a new and used bookstore A Novel Idea that a friend had mentioned a few weeks ago. It apparently moved locations a while ago and was thrilled to rediscover this hidden gem.
I spent some time slowly browsing the neat and orderly shelves looking for a few light mysteries to read and was thrilled to stumble on a few titles (20) not available at the local library.  I picked up these titles to get me started. I'm sure there are many more trips to this shop in my future.
I made my stop at the local library after the books store to pick up one of the books I had reserved, this one I'll bring along on Monday to read while waiting at the courthouse during the jury selection process which usually takes several hours.
 I had considered bringing along some crochet or knitting but with security the way it is now a days I would hate to be turned away at the entrance with pointy objects after the incident with my comb two years ago.
Speaking of libraries,  check out this link for some creative mail art being collected for display during an upcoming event to promote libraries:

I have put away the yarn and quilt fabrics for a while and have pulled out my beads and jewelry making supplies.
These lovely pieces are both upcoming birthday gifts and will be mailed out today.
I have a few more pieces on the beading board and once I get the right setting I will get them put together too.

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