Thursday, January 29, 2015

Quilt Blocks, new stamps, getting well and plants

Well I am finally starting to feel better, the head is no longer stuffy and the chest is sounding much clearer, I detest getting a cold, I think getting the flu shot kept the worst of it away.

Since I was feeling clear headed yesterday I was able to put together the 3 blocks for tomorrow's quilt class, though not without my share of problems, after stitching 6 pieces together my machine's bobbin  jammed, after fixing the jam and make a test line of stitching I was back to sewing only to get a jam again and again after each attempt at fixing and test stitching, this went on for an hour when finally after one last attempt before running out to buy a new machine I was back to stitching the last pieces onto the blocks.
I still don't know what caused the problem, I had no trouble sewing last week in class but yesterday I thought for sure the machine was ready for replacing, if this happens again I am contacting Singer with a huge complaint.  I am going to make a test line of stitching later and tomorrow morning too.

I purchased some new stamps to use on my first letters for the Month of Letters Challenge set to begin on February 1st.
I just love this simplicity of the stamps, just right for Valentine's Day don't you think?  Yes I decided to try the Month of Letters again this year. If you don't know what I am talking about you can check out the info here:
The sun is shining again today though clouds and a chance rain is forecast for tomorrow, it seems every time I have to drive across the other side of the city it rains.

Signs of spring are slowly popping up here and there, my shrubs are showing new growth, the rhododendron has buds, the Caladium is coming back to life after the deep freezes and the cover blew off.

I came across this photo on a facebook page, hmmm could this be a future project in my yard?

I may not be planning to plant a garden this Spring, but since I have the overwhelming desire to garden I will at least plant a few containers, I'm just not myself if I don't have my hands in the soil.

Oh and one of my rose bushes I thought was lost is showing promise, I may transplant to a pot.


  1. I love when plants come back when you think they are goners!!!! That little rose plant looks really healthy too!!!!

    1. Yes it does look healthy and I am so thrilled its doing well