Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Tusal Ort report and what I have been stitching February 2015

Here is my Orts jar for the February New Moon it's rapidly filling up with threads which is a nice thing to see and I am so glad I joined TUSAL(Totally Useless Stitch Along) again this year.
Feb 18 2015

Here is where some of those threads came from
Greenman #1
The stitching on my first Greenman hand embroidery piece is completed and I am happy with the results.
Some of the Herringbone variation stitches from this months Joyful Embellishments group I like this stitch and had fun changing the size
The pistil stitch above the herringbone needs more practice but my knots are beginning to form nicely.
I made some of the blocks for the quilt class I am taking, class didn't meet on the 13th and won't meet on 20th so I am working on the log cabin blocks from the class I missed on the 6th.

I have a big pile of fabric orts too this month. I had some trouble controlling the rotary cutter and I made a few to get a straight edge. Ugh!
Here is Greenman #2 just off my light box I think I am going to crayon tint before I begin to stitch.
Greenman #2
These Celtic Knot pieces are on the bottom and top corner of the greenman #2 piece which I have on
a eighteen inch piece of fabric whether it will stay in one piece when I am done is anyones guess.
Currently on the light box are a few Goddess pieces I have been planning to put together for some the small Goddess with the spirals is traced and waiting to be stitched after I cut it off the fabric.
I like the simple lines for hand embroidery.

One last look at my Orts jar which may need to be replaced soon with all the stitching I have planned, uncertain what an Orts jar is and curiuos to what TUSAL stands for check out the information here at daffycats blog
and join the fun it it may just be the thing you need to get you stitching again.

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