Thursday, February 5, 2015

What a week

I can not wait for this week to end, ugh! did you ever have one of those days where things just didn't go as planned only to find the entire week would be just as bad?  Well this is one of those weeks, the only good thing about this week is its nearly over.

On the up side I am feeling much better after that nasty bug infected the household I only have some lingering sleepiness.

I finally put the two nine patch variation blocks together for my quilt class tomorrow and not without struggles which were mostly sewing machine related.  The bobbin jamming continued on a few days ago after a few rough starts I put one block together and put the other aside until today.  I browsed around the internet for solutions to the bobbin jams, lots of info unfortunately none of it positive. 

Well the blocks are pieced

Apparently just about every person who purchased the Singer Sew Mate machine has had the same problem with the bobbin jamming, and after reading pages of reviews my conclusion is this machine is a lost cause, I only wish there were as many reviews when I bought the machine in 2012.  I even thought it my fault because I really haven't used it much. I originally bought the sewing machine because I was planning to take the beginning quilt class back in 2012 with a friend, I would lend her my old portable and I would use the new machine. Other things kept my friend from taking the class so I only used the machine for a few little projects with no problems.

As I sit here I am patiently waiting for the UPS driver to deliver my new sewing machine, not a Singer

I did make the change from this block set, I didn't like how the dark pieces looked for this block.
So here is the block with the changes, much better if you ask me, I am getting very familiar with the seam ripper thanks to the bobbin problems and changes I keep making.
So far I prefer Hand piecing.

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