Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Giving up Sugar and other good reads 
The first book on this weeks reading list is Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar,  which incidently has a blog and a Facebook page of the same name, I put a link for the blog above.
      I think I'm going to give this 8 week detox a shot, while I don't eat sweets often, nor do I use added sugar I know many of the foods I eat have hidden sugars and with all the digestive troubles I have endured I figured I have nothing to lose and perhaps much to gain.  A few weeks ago I was shopping and comparing labels and was surprised to find many low fat foods had more sugars than the full fat variety, I began eating the full fat yogurt for about 3 weeks now and to my surprise I didn't have heartburn after eating it.
     Anyway I just started reading the book today so I'll try to post my own progress if I decide to quit sugar.  My one draw back is the eat more fats which I know I need to do, its something I have tried and something my doctors have encouraged over the years.

I read a few reviews recently for Wolf Winter and it caught my interest so I requested it from the library along with the late Maeve Binchy book.
I read several of her books and enjoyed them all and there are still many of her books I have yet to read so why not start with one of her latest.

The last book I checked out of the library this week is the first book in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series, I have wanted to read for years and now is the time.

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  1. I gave up eating low fat a long time ago for that very thing. If you compare products, you will usually find they add some type of sugar to make up for the loss in taste when the fat is removed.

    The one yogurt that I found that I liked and that was full fat, our local grocery stores no longer carry.