Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Some new threads, a little floss and Aunt Martha's

Today I decided to take advantage of the Joann's sale on thread which is 50% off. I am building my sewing thread supply, I have spools of thread over 30 years old and some of them have faded and some tend to break while sewing with them so here and there I have been picking up several spools when its on sale.
The top 4 spools are Coats hand quilting and piecing thread and the bottom 6 spools are Gutterman's silk thread, I love hand sewing with silk thread.

I also picked up these cute little Wutton buttons to use to embellish one of the embroidery pieces I
have plans to make using one of the pages from the Day of the Dead coloring book I picked up a few months ago.
I also picked up some Perle cotton for an upcoming Greenman hand embroidery piece I have in the planning stages, these were not on sale.
I also picked up a package of DMC Amazon Collection color variations had a 50% off coupon to use.
I love the colors in this set and have a few ideas tossing around my skull for using them.  To my surprise while browsing the embroidery aisle I was looking at the Aunt Martha's embroidery transfers and came across this beauty.
close up
I just love trees and leaves, there were several other new Aunt Martha's transfers including a few Prim style motifs, I have used the Aunt Martha's transfers for over 40 years in fact I have several old packets still unused in my craft bins. I love seeing how this brand has evolved over the decades.

Progress on Greenman #2 is going slowly but I am progressing, I had a pesky headache for a few days so I need to see the eye doctor I believe its time for new spectacles.
No he isn't wearing glasses I was just following the stitch line and decided to stop before I completed all the leafy veins. I was having trouble seeing my stitches and had to undo one area three times, really just 4 stitches.

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  1. Hi Deb,
    I did some shopping at Jo anns too. We just got out new Jo-ann store a week ago and I'm so glad decided to stay in our city. A much bigger store too. I love those "day of the Dead" buttons. I will keep my eye out one some. I'm a big fan of Aunt Martha's iron on transfers. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day and it's almost the weekend, yay!
    Bobbie Lynn