Friday, May 1, 2015

Happy May Day!

Oh yes it's May Day and my youngest sister's birthday and the two month count down until I turn 60.

How did I spend this glorious perfect first day of May?

Climbing down the 232 steps of the Devil's Millhopper SinkHole
First few steps
Thats a lot of steps
getting closer to the bottom
despite being 120 ft in the groun its quite sunny
water looks murky
Trees, trees, trees
a rest before the climb out
getting closer to the top
made it out now for the half mile trail
If you want to know more about the Devil's Millhopper here's a link


  1. Quite the walk up and down all of those steps.

    Do keep gardening Deb. It is great for body, mind and spirit. Look around at what your neighbors are growing and pick out plants you'd like to grow. You live in a prettier part of FL, some rolling hills, cooler temps during the winter too. Have fun and don't stress. Just do your own thing.

    Have a lovely weekend, stitching and whatever else you feel like doing.


  2. Thanks for the encouragement, I have been reading a few books on native plants in FL. so I'll bring some of those in.