Thursday, December 31, 2015

Coming Soon a few New Stamps in 2016

On the last day of December and the last day of 2015  I spent time writing a replies to letters that have been waiting patiently for me to have so real free time. The months of November and December keep me busy packing bubble mailers for shipping long into the the evenings but with the holidays fast becoming a memory these last few days of the month quiet down enough for me to pick up a pen some paper, a cup of tea and the time I need to write to some wonderful friends.

Here is a peek at some of the new stamps set to be released during 2016, they are in no particular order but my favorite of all so far it the Global Forever Moon stamp.

The Soda Fountain treats just make me smile
Then there is this lovely quilled heart stamp
my other favortie are these lovely Jack o Lanterns
And who could resist the beauty of a flower this appeals to the gardener in me
Not to be out done we have Pick-up trucks in colors to make you want to match your envelope to the stamp
and we can't forget our beloved pets, whether furry, feathered, fishy or hooved these are just adorable
but not nearly as adorable as this little girl who stole the hearts of America decades ago
and while tocuhing on Hollywood let us not forget that Star Trek will be celebrating 50 years and what a fun way to commemorate the anniversary than with a nifty set of postage stamps
I don't have release dates for any of the stamps but my daily trips to the post office will have me asking "any new stamps today?"

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  1. I love the new heart stamp. I just gave both my sons 200 stamps as part of their Christmas present. They are both getting married in the next year and a half and I thought that they could use them. I did find some heart stamps for them but I really like this one.