Saturday, December 26, 2015

Time to relax

Here we are the day after Christmas, all the hustle and bustle of the last few weeks are oveer and we settle back into our daily routine of living, well maybe not so fast, after all it is the weekend and to me weekends are made for slower living, or so we hope to slow down and relax after the hustle of the work week.

The morning here started off foggy, I love the misty mysterious clouds of fog that settle over the land

slowly lifting the reveal what we already knew was hidden beneath it. I like to feel the damp mositure settle on my face while walking through the fog which I did this morning for a short mile walk around my neighborhood, I didn't want to risk driving I've learned here in Florida when there is fog its a free for all when driving, those red lights go ignored and I've come close too many times to being smashed by thoughtless drivers who pretend they can't see the red light.

I don't know about you but I like to settle down with a nice cup of tea on a foggy morning perhaps
pull out some stitching, a good book or some stationery to write a few letters, I plan to do a little of each today.

The afternoon of Christmas Eve, my son and I drove to the  Fort White Florida area for a hike in the Ichetucknee Springs State Park, we did the shorter trail at the south entrance, since it was the late afternoon I will return for the north trail another time and early enough to explore the nearby down town High Springs.  

Christmas day my son and I went to the movies to see Sisters, it was quite funny. It seems going to the movies on Christmas day has become somewhat of a tradition for us.  On Monday the 21st several of us went to see the newest Star Wars movie,  the theater was packed but yesterday the parking lot was no doubt for those that hadn't seen Star Wars yet.  In all my years of going to this particular movie theater I have never seen the parking lot as full as it was. It did help me get a higher step count on my Fitbit.

The very warm weather we have been having here in central Florida has confused the sleeping garden and early last week buds began to bloom on the rhododendron
on Christmas Day they decided to show themselves completely, I have to say they are lovely I just hope the other buds stay closed for a few more weeks.

I think later today its off to the beach for a nice long walk to work off  those extra calories from all the cookies, cakes, pies pizza and lasagne eatten this week.

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