Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The hand pieced block

Here is the hand pieced block I decided to try for the Project 48 Quilt,  I may continue to make a hand pieced block along with the machine pieced blocks for this project.
Hand Pieced
This is the machine pieced block I made earlier in the week, while I like the scrappy look of the block I think it would have been better with a different fabric in the center.
Machine pieced
This is going to be a good learning experience project for me, I am still such a novice at rotary cutting and I get so stressed when I piece on a sewing machine trying to get every seam to line up perfect that it tends to suck the joy from the entire quilt making process so I am hoping to get more precise with my cutting and sewing on the blocks I make with the sewing machine.


  1. I like hand work much more than machine. Using a machine always tightens me up. Here I just bought a small, simple machine too, for little projects so that I can spend more time on the details rather than stitching seams by hand. :-)

    You are staying quite busy with you needleworking projects. Try to keep the joy.


  2. Love this - I hope you don't let striving for perfection take the joy of it... when everything is pieced, quilted and bound you won't notice those tiny details. These look just wonderful!

  3. I like the way the cream fabric with gold blends with the plainer cream fabric. I keep thinking of doing this with another colorway but haven't chosen a block yet. I think it is so effective. Plus, metallic gold on cream is very chic, no?